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Holiday resolution

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. My job does not permit using the bike for transport so it's not unusual for it to go a week or more, even, without being ridden. So I made a holiday resolution: even if it's just to the shop, I'm going to ride every day.
    So far so good, Saturday to the Pie Shop, Sunday Clint's southern highlands ride, yesterday out to the bottom of the Pass, through a swarm of bugs so thick I had to turn round and come home, and today into Wollongong for coffee and a Christmas coffee with big brother....
    So far so good....

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  2. Sounds like a good plan , wish I could emulate it.
  3. What's the difference between a coffee, and a Christmas coffee? Enquiring minds need to know. :wideyed:

    I've failed as far as your resolution, I haven't ridden for two weeks. :grumpy::grumpy:
    But I am taking the bike and going bush near Buchan for a week so will get plenty of seat time then. :D
  4. Sounds like an adventure.

    I plan to ride to my folks holiday house in Mansfield.. All up its a 2.5 - 3 hour ride each way. I ride to work each day but i haven't really gone for a longish ride in about 6 weeks so it's due. I like the idea of a mid afternoon coffee run.. I'll add that to my list.

  5. I've just fcuked my other wrist/hand up spilling off my mountain bike this morning. Worried I may not be able to ride at all for a few days!

    Can somebody do double duty to make up for my lost km's?
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  6. What's the difference between a coffee, and a Christmas coffee? Enquiring minds need to know

    Christmas brain fade, sorry!

    Can somebody do double duty to make up for my lost km's?

    I'm happy to pick up the slack!!!!
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  7. Thanks Hornet!!
  8. I'm aiming for 25,000 plus this year. That means riding a minimum of 3 days a week to work, and taking the bike every 2nd trip to Perth. The bike currently has 25,000 on it in two years, so doubling the kms will mean more frequent servicing.
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  9. Tinsel

    Ah, The Whitfield run while you are there. If you haven't done it, definitely worthwhile, if you have done it definitely worthwhile again. :)
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  10. Sounds like something to add to my list, cheers for the suggestion.

  11. Good one!
  12. now thats commitment Hornet!
  13. Well, to update. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are days of special significance to the family, so I didn't ride on those days. One other day in late December I was also battling the dreaded lurgi, so I didn't ride that day; it's not a pretty sigh coughing and sneezing inside the helmet. But every other day I have enjoyed at least a brief outing. And....
    I've just got back from a five day ride to Melbourne, posting details in the Ride Events section soon. And today in Wollongong it's bucketing down rain, so I'm going to use that as an excuse not to take the long-suffering VFR out of the garage :LOL:. (of course, if it fines us later this evening........
    One thing I have noticed, both with local rides every day, and on the trip, is an increasing familiarity with both the bike, and the roads; hazards despite, I'm thinking that the daily commuter should be a better rider on this basis.....
  14. Well, in summary, with the exception of the 'lost' days already mentioned, and yesterday, when I was flat out getting stuff ready to be back at work today (oh joy) I nearly managed to meet my self-imposed target. A couple of observations...
    I have no illusions as to my riding skills, but I have noticed that the more I rode, the more familiar I became with the subtle nuances of the bike and the road and the general environment. In short, I'd like to think that I am now riding a little better because of the volume of riding I've done over the month or so.
    There has not seemed to be as many bikes on the road this holidays, although maybe that's just a subjective judgement from prolonged exposure....
    Anyway, I'd recommend you do one of these mini-projects, and see what you think about its results
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  15. #15 Jaytee, Jan 27, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2015
    hornethornet I took your advice and did something similar to you.

    Rode from Werribee over to Diamond Creek, then over to Healesville. From there I went through the Black Spur to Alexandra, then over to Yea ending up in Mansfield.

    As it was dark on the way back I headed from Mansfield back to Yea (big accident 15kms before Yea involving a 4x4 and a trailer full of horse manure) then over to Tullarook and back home via the Hume.

    I was wary of the wild life and saw my fair share of dead stuff along the way..

    Riding on twisty roads with just your headlight for light is kind of scary and thrilling at the same time.

    Was quite the adventure to do solo and i enjoyed every bit of it..

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  16. Good on you Juz, Getting out there is the best way to improve your riding and enjoy the experience. I know you probably just wanted to get home at the end of your ride, particularly if it is getting dark, but in my opinion you should avoid the Hume. The ROUTE back through Flowerdale is interesting if you haven't done it, or the ROUTE through Broadford and then there is a road that runs parallel with the Hume called the Broadford-Wandong rd.

    Perhaps give those routes a go in the day time. Glad you are enjoying the experience.
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  17. cjvfrcjvfr yeah it was pushing 10pm and i had a long ride back to home (for another long ride the next day). Didn't end up getting home until 11:30 at night.

    I'll be sure to make a note of the routes as i frequently head up to Mansfield / Lake Eildon.
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  18. Hey Hornet after briefly reading I am inspired to get out and practice more! :) I currently don't have a lot of riding gear ( missing decent pants, jackets a dri rider but is a little too loose, gloves are MotoX Fox ones and an open faced helmet with goggles not to mention no boots only high tops) after reading mouths article the good gear guide I decided just going to practice on a friends 5 acre property. So I bought me some parking cones from Bunnings and have completed 1 sesh.. so excited to hear everyone stories on here! im in the same boat regarding work not really able to commute as I have 2 kids to drop at school and day care so yeah. well that's all I have to say about that and Thanks keep practicing man. :)
  19. I had planned on a similar tactic to use anything as an excuse to ride to familiarise myself with bike, road craft and to conquer the no small amount of fear. Practising firstly on our property, driveway and then our long dead end rural road was really helpful to begin with. And just as I was ready to really kick it, son number 2 had a car bingle, so is now once again relying on me to taxi him around while it's getting fixed. With no public transport and being 15 kms out of town there's really no choice and I can't lend him my temperamental old four wheel drive. Even son number 1 who is a very capable driver refuses to drive it. :grumpy:
  20. 3500 kms so far since the new year. On target for 25,000 as it is just starting to ramp up, with 450 a week commuting and 1000 every 2nd weekend riding to Perth.