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Holiday accommodation ideas/recommendations - VIC

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. Hey all. It's school holidays and I'm looking at heading off somewhere with the girls for a week. Not sure where to go and not really fussed where to go...as long as the accommodation is warm (logfire is a plus!), clean and luxurious. :) I'm not really after a hotel - more interested in renting out a cottage/house.

    Does anyone know of any fantastic holiday houses/cottages in gorgeous locations anywhere in Victoria?

    I'm seriously considering booking a week in 'the rookery' here:

    Have driven up there for a look and the view is amazing. It'd be windy, but that wouldn't bother us as we intend to just lie around and read/watch dvds/cook/play board games/be horribly lazy for the week. :)
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  3. How about kayaking on the Avon? :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. very jealous :(
  5. BOOKED!!!

    Destination Jan Juc!


    Note: If anyone is planning on heading down that way in the very near future (contact me for dates), let me know. You're welcome to drop in for a coffee (or should that be tea and scones? ;) ) on your way to the bliss that is the GOR. :grin:

    Every place we looked at said 'NO PETS'. :( The girls and I decided we can't have a proper holiday without Sammy...so we kept looking.

    It's totally different to anything we've stayed in before. Looks absolutely gorgeous and it has an outdoor cottage for oldest as well. :) :grin:

    And Sammy has 5 acres to run around and hunt wabbits on. :) :grin:
    And I have a reading room with an open fire. :) :grin: I'm packing all those books I've been meaning to read!!! :) :grin:

    And there are panoramic views across to the ocean and through the heads. :) :grin:

    And rose gardens... orchards...wide open spaces :) :grin:

    And the kitchen is freakin huge!! We're gonna cook up a storm!! :) :grin:
  6. Should go to Phillip Island! That place kicks the arse, I had a ball when I was there. Just rent a nice little 2-story place near the beach wth a massive balcony or something...
  7. lol...I know. But the girls have this thing about Torquay and Fairhaven and Bells Beach and something about waves and surfboards and holy cow Mum it's the best...please..please...pleeeassse...

    Besides, this place at PI...does it have an open fire???? :p
  8. I haven't installed it.

    ......................... yet
  9. I think they meant surfers not sufboards! :LOL: :LOL:

    Jan Juc is ace you have all the ingredients for a really blissed out holiday, its up to you now. :grin:
  10. lol matti - we were up that way yesterday checking out potential properties and I was absolutely stunned by my 16yr old daughter....

    Everywhere we went she was constantly checking guys out - for herself, for her 13yr old sister :LOL: and for me... 'There's a man for you Mum :cool: '


    Must say I'll enjoy sitting back on the beach in the freezing cold watching them.......(the girls that is ;) )
  11. :rofl: I'll be keeping an eye on you in October! :LOL:
  12. She has a talent, don't know if it's a good one or not!. My mate's 13yo daughter keeps an eye out for cute mums for her dad!

    Girls are strange, :grin: :grin:
  13. This time of year they have to be kidding, have you been in the water down there in winter :shock: Also theres a lot of off shore currents and NO lifesaver patrols, just tell them to be carefull.
  14. Surf school Woodsy :cool: 5 days for $200. Fully supervised.

    There were heaps out yesterday - mainly Fairhaven. Girls have good wetsuits and aren't afraid of a bit of cold water. :)

  15. Yep it's only us big woosy blokes who worry about the spanner qualities of water! :shock: :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. :p :p :p

  17. lol...just saw this post Matti - and your friend would be??? :wink: :cool:
  18. hahaha he's a good bloke but he still going through the "I'm gunna party for while cause the witch is gone" phase. So give him 12 months and it will be out of his system! :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Hey all - sending you this from the Torquay library. Have given the girls a load of cash and sent them off shopping at the local surf factory outlets. They're about to kick me off the computers as the lib's about to shut but thought I'd drop in to check my emails and the board.

    The house is huge and absolutely gorgeous! We also have a fsc bungalow which oldest was meant to sleep in but she's too scared out there on her own. We lay around the house all day yesterday doing absolutely nothing but reading/watching tele. I'm feeling 'destressed' and am already ready to go home and tackle stuff. Am going to enrol in Uni and finish this library/info management course I've been playing with for too long. :grin: It's amazing what a few days break from the real world can do for you. :) The girls are having a ball here. Sam's loving the 5 acres.

    Standing on the balcony this morning I saw a heap of bikes go down the GOR - :( :( Can't wait to get back on mine :)

    anyway enough rambling - I'm rushing and basically the point of this post is just to say hi to you all and let you know that teh girls and dog and I are all having a great time.

    Hope all here are well and happy too :)

  20. i rode to canberra and back in the blistering cold.
    it bloody snowed on me :mad:

    i am very, very jealous i want to be on holidays again :(

    soak it up rosie, you deserve it :)