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Holeshot pipes

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by alcoz, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. G'day
    Has anyone used a Holeshot slip on?
    Do you have to remap the fuel system?
    Is it better to get it from the states?
    I've listened to them on you tube sound good but don't know much about them!

  2. For what sort of bike?
    More info please.
  3. Suzuki 1250 bandit
  4. Tried Google? I have never heard of them so maybe a few US based forums may have.
  5. holeshot performance parts have been huge with the old bandit 12's/gsxr11/gsx14 engines. from memory they do all sorts of parts from big bore kits to cams and jet kits.

    Theyre good stuff apparently,

    But most slipons are pretty simmilar so get one that you can afford and that you think sounds good.

    If the holeshot ones are cheap then go for it. check out their website.
  6. See http://www.holeshot.com/
    I would use it if i was going to do the other mods suggested...as in stage 1 etc.

    But be aware of the centre stand bracket:
    But if all you want is just a slip on, try Yoshi, Staintune and in the UK, the Beowulf slip on, is popular for the 1250.
  7. That's whats threw me as I started out wanting a pipe then all these other goodies came up and I wondered if they were necessary, as other pipes say basically fit and go!