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Hole in the nOOb market?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thedragonreborn, May 19, 2007.

  1. Hey Peps

    Would you agree that there is a hole in the nOOb market regarding fully faired noob bikes?

    I used to own a Kawa Balius and while I had heaps of fun on it, the inline four really pissed me off! It was such a pain in the arse having to rev the tits off it in order to get from a to b.

    I want to get another bike, but I cant make up my mind. I work in the insurance industry and I am well aware that for the next 3 yrs, I am going to be bent over by the age rating factor. So I refuse to pay a high premium because other young riders can't stay on there fu(C)ken cbr's for more than 5 mins. soo I need bike that is worth about 5K-6K, I could consider buying new..... but lets look at the options.

    I don't want an inline four, ever again (>250cc oneday). Dont want a naked again, unless a vtr... or >250cc

    ZZR250 (Avl NEW) - Could be an option, however styling is old school
    GPX250 (Avl NEW) - looks like crap,80's styling looking, but bullet proof
    GT250R (Avl NEW) - I love the look of em, engine seem sus, resale value is a joke.
    CBR125 (Coming Soon) - hahahaha pimped out postie!

    I would love a DRZ400, however due to insurance reasons (CRCP & CTP), the bike is just to damm expensive. I am seriously considering a trail bike for commuting, but I like riding with NR's and I am sure a 250 traily wont cut it down old road and south.

    I am such a whinging ass, but I am picky and I dont settle for anything! Why ride something you dont like? Any suggestions or am I farked?


    Do you think some of the major companies should make more faired 2fiddies?

    Dream: Faired version of VTR

    begin the flamage wars!

  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
    quit your sooking! :p

    nah, good luck finding one, is there anything stopping you getting the VTR?
  3. :roll: Buy a POS and sell it in 12 months. :roll:

    It's really not hard to understand.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. just shoosh and get a GPX, i'm sure insurance on that won't be too high, nothing goes wrong with them, and i'm sure they'd be hard to write off.

    plus they'll hold their value, i'm sure people would just want to buy them cos of their reliability

    you don't wan't to buy high cc's cos of insurance? (assuming that u can being in NSW)
  5. your forgetting the 500 twins that are lams aproved in NSW

    such as the suzuki GS500
    and the kawasaki ER-5

    edit: i had the GS500f insurance was no biggy, but i was 22 when i bought it, full comp was 700
  6. Stephen, I thought you would be off your restrictions soon!
  7. I am looking out for the perfect 4K VTR, however some people seem to think (probably rightlyso) they can still sell a "02" 55K Km BLACK VTR for 6 grand :shock:

    What part of "for the next 3yrs I am going to bent over by insurance companies for high cc's, sum insured and age" did you not understand? :p

    Bingo, I only care about the price of insurance for big bikes, eg 600cc and bigger, You get rammed up the ass by CTP, everyone should now know that Greenslips have gone up significantly (NSW), and because CTP is regulated by APRA, profit margins are very tight, meaning all companies will charge a similar rate and I will be looking at $690 because I am young (22yo)! unless i combine a CTP with CRCP.

    Insurance for a 2fiddy is priced ok, as long as you dont have gray import!

    My point is,
    The market has sh!tall *modern* looking faired sports bikes. Honda is bringing the CBR125, which looks hot, but for $4K, one drop and your probably up for $2k on fairings!

    Hehe I am going to request to be at the crash testing for the CBR125. It will be interesting to see how it handles being dropped!

  8. Zzr is no where near as hideous as the gpx. Its still generally crappy (all 250s are apart from cbr and zx2r IMO), but you can get one semi cheap, with great resale.

    But if you don't care what it looks like and dont mind the smaller frame and wheels, go the gpx.
  9. YUP! End of next month! :grin:

    93' ZX2R are shit hot for a 2fiddy, but again inline four and probably hardly any decent ones left in the country.........

    I think I am going to have to suck it up and get an old CIBBY6 or ZX6 for about 5k and only have TPPD :twisted:


    For the record: Shit hot bike can be found here:

    I want a SM project bike

  10. i heard vtr is damn slow. why would you want that?
  11. I wouldn't say that. Official specifications say the GPX250 is 36Hp while the VTR250 is 32Hp so its not much difference.
  12. Don't fear the trail bike.
  13. But, but, it's not trendy and cool and doesn't look like a race bike, which is what the marketing people have told me a first bike should look like, even though I'm gonna kill it in many ways, and get hammered on resale value!
    I want it all now!
    Regards, ANdrew.
  14. Looks 10x better. If you drop it, half the time you can't notice. Probably slightly better off the mark, better in traffic, sounds way better with pipes. And as someone said, very very little different in power compared to gpx. So little it would be insignificant off the line where its clutch control would be the deciding factor.
  15. um ok :?
  16. Never fear my good sir, the TTR, KLX and XR are on the search lists!

    Nobody has answered my original question,

    DO you think there is limited choice in fully faired smaller cc'ed bikes?

    cheers big ears!
  17. No. How much choice do you need in a fairly limited sales market???

    Regards, Andrew.

  18. My so called "mates rates" deal !
  19. Being a twin rider (of the larger variety), I was a bit sus on riding Stookie's little Hornet (naked inline 4 250). I was pleasantly suprised by its get up and go. Insurance wasn't too bad (though he is older) as its a naked.... there are also lots of options to make it your own. Jay put wide bars, fighter lights, indicators, etc on it and it looked great and very original.

    Why don't you want naked?
  20. if you want naked Lil i'll get naked with ya :grin: :bolt: