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Hole in exhaust pipe VTR250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mav, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Anyone had any experience with replacing the exhaust pipe that joins the engine to the exhaust itself?

    Discovered a small puncture/hole in the underside of the pipe on my VTR250 this morning (wouldn't have noticed if not for the cold start).

    I'm assuming that Honda is gonna charge an arm and a leg for a genuine part replacement, so is it fairly easy and cost effective to source and aftermarket part that will fit with the stock exhaust?

    Or will I have to go aftermarket part and exhaust?

  2. bit confused. Is the hole in the muffler or the pipe? ebay mufflers are cheap enough. A full system is a significant investment.

    How big is the hole? Is it corroded or worn?
  3. thought about bike wreckers if you wanna save a dollar?
  4. sorry ibast, the hole is in the pipe, not the muffler.

    hole is about half a size smaller than a 5 cent piece...haven't had a investigative enough look yet as i only noticed it when i was late for work and the engine had warmed up enough for there to be a small "downward" fume vent.

    @goddie, i completely forgot about wreckers...gonna have to use google though
  5. Probably rusted out from the inside. An Exhaust clamp from "Repco" will get you by until you replace it. Wreckers or an aftermarket system on ebay.
  6. That's why I asked about corrosion. If is rusted out, you probable won't get a decent weld on it. You'd need to cut the pipe right back and put a new bit in.
  7. quick fix a muffler bandage but looks shocking
  8. yeah true I meant if it's not rusted.
  9. when you say "significant investment" for a system...do you mean $300 - $400 significant or $2000 - $3000 significant?

    i don't know how to weld, or have the tools...

    is it really fiddly and hard to replace an exhaust pipe + muffler yourself?
  10. if you're me it is lol.
    don't stuff around with anything and it's very easy and straight forward. just make sure to torque the header pipe bolts like this: a little bit on one, a little bit on the other, slowly, until they're up to factory specified torque (should be able to find a service manual online). or you'll warp the gasket and have an exhaust leak. Read the entry in the service manual related to dismantling the exhaust CAREFULLY (if it says to loosen a bolt then just loosen, not remove) before you touch anything.
  11. Replacing is not that hard, but you can get things stuck. Can be a biatch sometimes. Real rough estimate on price would be $1500 for a full system.
  12. $1500?? fark me...don't have that sorta money just lying around :(

    an exhaust clamp won't stop the rust which means sooner or later gonna have to get the money from somewhere...don't suppose the police would understand if i just amputate the pipe just behind the rust spot and ride like that?? :)
  13. How far away from the weld on the muffler is it?

    If it's not that far away you might be able to sneak on a slip on.
  14. Mav, Google is your friend. Eg Screaming Demon have a full system for $530 inc shipping from WA. No idea what they are like .. just an example of cost. Its an upgrade too .. and to her bike at that!

  15. Muffler shops should be able to bend and graft in a new section if it's not a real tricky piece, or if the pipe diameter isn't too small for them. Also, just about any engineering place. The aviation places in or next to airports or airfields can have some pretty skilled fabricators/welders too.

    But I'd be surprised if you can't find a replacement at a wrecker. Worth looking at also is if the older 250 Spada bits may or may not fit.

    I'd maybe putty or bandage it up in the meantime, after a good squirt around inside the hole with whatever's handy that might keep the rust at bay a bit longer.
  16. i showed it to my mechanic tonight (after my prang, more on that in another thread), and he said it was a normal hole as it is a vent / valve??