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holding two licences...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pt, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. ok. so i know this might not be the right spot to be posting this, but how much do people know about the points situation with licences. i've had my bike Ps since january and will hopefully get my full licence in a few months time. but cause i'm young and bikes are WAAAYY cooler i havent got my car Ps yet. hopefully i'll get them in the next coupla months (done all the hours and whatnot) but, my question is, if i have my full bike licence and have 12 points, but only my car Ps with 4 points, if i get busted on the bike and lose four points, do i lose the car licence?

    and on a mildly related topic. when i go to pay more money to the rta for my full bike licence, do i have to do that puter test that you need to do to get your full car licnece. funnily enough, the rta has severely neglected both these issues on their solve everything website. bloody motorcycle haters! :x :x :p

  2. Im actually wondering pretty much the same thing, Ive only got my bike Ls, how many points do i have? does that mean if I get a minor speeding fine ill lose my licence??
  3. if you lose one licence you do lose them both
  4. ANd if you've gone through the probationary period on one license then you usually skip that part when you get the other license (Ls -> Full License) but you'll have to double check that for NSW.
  5. righto. thanks. i thought that might be the case. no highly illegal activity on the bike then. i'm assuming if i lost more than 4 bike points then i'd lose the car Ps. but will i lose the bike licence since i've lost my car Ps.

    eswen you only have four points. a fair few of my mates are sitting on one right now cause the lightest speeding fine you can get costs you three. and if your plate happens to be obscured or disappeared then thats another point. at least here in NSW anyway. u from the fairfield out west or one in melbourne?

    and matt, i doubt theyd let me go straight onto my car licence. not nice enough to do that :p plus in NSW you have to spend three years on car Ps before you get your full licence. lucky bikes only a year huh!
  6. car licence has 12 points and i guess bike has 4, i know for a fact that if you lose your car p's while on your bike p's then you lose both.
  7. Wrong, Eswen is in Victoria (that is unless she's moved again)
    On L's and P's in Victoria it is 6 points. Generally in Vic the first 3 years of being on the roads with a licence be it car or bike (L's being a permit dont count towards this time) you will have to display a P plate and have a .00 BAC, however on a bike, your 250cc and pillion restrictions are up after the usual 12 months.
    I was also told that in terms of points, in Vic it goes by what your highest licence is, so for me when i was on L's on the bike i still had the 12 points of my full car licence. If this goes the other way (eg you have a full motorcycle licence but go onto car L's/P's) im not sure, best bet is to phone Vicroads and ask.
    Speeding fines here in Vic start at 1 point (eg 1 demerit point for doing less then 10 km/h over the limit) and go up and as of yet we havent had the double points on a public holiday thing.

  8. In VIC you get one probationary license, not two. If you've completed a probationary period once, then you don't need to do it again (although on a bike, 12 months restrictions still apply post-learners, even if you have a full license).

    How many points you have on Ls and Ps I'm not sure: but you cannot accumulate more than 5 points in a 12 month period.

    On full license, you cannot accumulate more than 12 points in a 3 year period. Penalty is the same for both - suspension for 3 or more months. Ps may also have passenger restrictions and curfews added to license.
  9. having just got my licence back ( yes i was a naughty boy )

    if you loose one licence you LOOSE the lot bike / car / truck

    check your lic number, unless you have a car/ bike lic from different states and therefore different lic numbers you may get to keep one.
    but if you have a truck lic ? your lic becomes a NATIONAL lic and there all combined then and yes you loose the lot !!
  10. The points for not displaying your L or P plate/s is now 2 points not one. The demerit points have just had a review and update done, effective as of July 1, 2005. Make you think twice about trying to claim it blew off when you cop a 2 point fine. All it takes it one stubborn cop.

    The revision list can be found here: Update demerit points list

    For the complete list of demerit points for various offences in NSW check out this link: All demerit point Offences

    ** Check out the speeding offences link and scroll to the bottom. I'm alittle confused as to this "Special" Law applying to motorcycles which reads:

    Cl 54 (1)(a) Cycle exceed 40 km/h after sunset (100ml or less) $75
    Cl 54 (1)(b) Cycle exceed 50 km/h after sunset (100ml - 200ml) $75
  11. what the