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Holding a bike upright (without a centerstand)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by demuire, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. What is the best way to hold a bike upright, without a centerstand? For servicing, etc etc? Any tips, flashes of genius, etc?

    Someone suggested to me putting a piece of MDF or similar on a hydraulic jack and lifting the bike (via the frame under the engine) with that, I'm wondering if this is a good idea, or if the bike is likely to fall off?
  2. Hey Mate,

    I invested in a race stand for the rear, and it is one of my most used tools in my collection. It allows you to work on your bike in confidence. They are customisable and will fit a majority of bike you may purchase in the future.

    If you have a cruiser type bike or scooter, there may be other ways.

    Ask Ashes about balancing his whole VTR1000 on a car stand only :p

    Take it easy. :)
  3. I still break out in a nervous sweat when I think of lifting the VTR by myself using a jack. It balances :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Spend $120-$150 and buy a universal rear stand. Cheap solution, easy to use and practical.
  4. www.andersonstands.com
    best in the business, last forever (or at least till you buy a bike with a centrestand!!)
  5. Oh cool. I have an XV250 Virago...
  6. There is another type. It's a small portable one, made in Aus. It's only about $25 from memory. It doesn't look like you want to do a rebuild on it, but it looks better then a side stand. I think I first saw it in Just bike or similar.
  7. $25 sounds like my sort of budget :p I was actually half thinking of just making up a little frame of wood or something, I've built one for my bicycle, but then the Virago is a hell of a lot heavier than a bicycle...
  8. I've have two screw type jacks and a rod slid through the swing arm hinge. The rod is drilled at each end and locked to the top of the jacks (which have a matching hole) with a 5mm pins.

    Cost me a dozen beers.


  9. I'm with the others on getting race stands. I have an Anderson rear and a Sharp front....true, I didn't buy them (Christmas and Birthdays are wonderful events :wink: , speaking of which, one of those at least is just around the corner :p ).

    I can put the bike up on those by myself (pathetic, weak creature I am :roll: ) and have used them with other bikes. I use them with b/f VT250C (cruiser) no problems. They are both adjustable.

    :D :D :D
  10. robsalvv: Interesting idea!
  11. Taaa. It's agricultural but solid. :)

    No patents on the idea. No responsibility for anyone else adapting the idea either!!

    The other benefit is that it unloads the suspension - handy for when you don't have two mates on hand to take the bike weight when you need to set the static sag...


  12. I have a similar arrangement at home.....
    a U shaped bracket, the bottom of the U sits in the plate on the trolley jack
    and at the top on each side is a rod that goes into (not thru)
    each swing arm pivot hole in the frame

    (as well I also have a normal race stand with wheels)

  13. I can tell you what NOT to do - holding the VTR upright to check oil level on right hand side whilst warming her up - not realising my leg is against the pipes = one hole melted into new wet weather pants :twisted:
  14. Moike, very similiar, except mine are screw jacks and have a square base for stability.


  15. Two more solutions.

    For the problem of lubing a chain on a sportsbike with no centre stand, This looks like the ducks guts.

    for servicing etc, this one is a bit agricultural, but it's cheap!

  16. Does anyone have a URL or other contact details for the supplier of the $30 Oz solution to this problem?

    Someone mentioned it earlier in this thread. IIRC, it's a couple of rollers mounted on a small metal plate. I remember seeing it in Just Bikes a few months ago. Looks simple, cheap and it's locally made.
  17. And $30 sounds nice :)
  18. I have a pair of axle stands from my car.

    One under each swingarm holds it up very stably.

    I use a hydraulic jack under the swingarm pivot to lift it.

  19. that looks cool... I want one...