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hold your breathe....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, May 1, 2008.

  1. I couldn't hold my breathe for the 15mins the thing still hasn't loaded for. Oprah's server sucks the biggest rottenest dirtiest balls on the net!
  2. Loads for me in about 15 secs Rob, you on dial up?
  3. Sorry, my attention span isn't long enough to wait for that thing to load, but I assume from casting my eyes over the rest of the page, that the vid is of David Blaine's attempt to set the world record for breath holding?
  4. Nope. Firefox musn't have liked the page then. Meh - in that case, I take my insult back.
  5. That's cool, I'II tell you what it is, actually if you wait the 15mins for it, you will still see this guy holding his breathe for a further 2min and 4secs! yep, 17:04 under water!

    Holy shit that's impressive! :shock:
  6. I wouldn't have thought it was possible :shock:
  7. It is, if you cheat.

    He was breathing pure oxygen for almost 1/2 an hour beforehand.
    Oprah is awesome, no really. :p
  8. Couldn't get the viseo to play but really enjoyed waiting all that time to watch the spam that played before the supposed video. Not complaining, just stating what I did. I'm too lazy and stubborn to open explorer for a look so I'm just going to assume I wouldn't have liked it anyway. :)
  9. #10 removed-6, May 1, 2008
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  10. I'm not holding my BREATH waiting :LOL:.