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Hold on..the Catholic Church AND Harleys

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tone2, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. Very clever title.
  2. The Borg clone tractor riders would be aiming high to try and assimilate the Catholic Church wouldn't it? New slogan, loud prayers save lives? ;)
  3. Really, the harleys were once the favoured ride of the Hells Angels? What, have the angels switched to Diavels?
  4. No surprise the Pontiff blessed Harleys.....simple things.....simple minds...

    You know how it goes.
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  5. His harley-ness! I like that!!!
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  6. The previous pope had an association with BMW. He was part of an anti-aircraft unit defending one of their factories for a while.

    At one stage the Vatican was the largest shareholder in Immobiliare which owned a controlling interest in Ducati. They've probably gone off Ducati since the introduction of the Diavel :)
  7. Maybe they are hoping for a bit of divine intervention to keep them running, hope the Popemobile has a tow bar.
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