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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by More Revs, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Howdy Y'all!

    Been lurking since I got my learner's (early October), and I must say a big thank you. I like preparing my mind for any task before I get my body involved, whether that be tinkering with computers or learning the theory of racing lines. In that regard, all the posts here regarding gear, maintenance and roadcraft are an invaluable asset.

    I've raced cars for a few years, dabbled with photography, and love science. About a year ago I jumped on a circa-1970s Suzuki TC120 ag-bike. Buggered if I know how smelly, temperamental farm bikes and dirt roads can bring so much enjoyment - but it's an itch that I can't seem to scratch fully.

    I'll be wrapping my legs around a '95 Yamaha SRV250 later this week
    and hope to catch up with some of you in the near future.


  2. Welcome Jacob. hope to see you at one of the coffee nights at sme stage.
  3. Hi Jacob, you'll love the SRV, they're a top little jigger!
  4. Welcome Jacob
  5. Welcome, Jacob.

    Driving and racing will have helped with roadcraft, for sure, you'll 'just' have to master the two wheels and leaning bit :)
  6. I dunno...I had a hair-raising situation at a hillclimb once...

    Apparently, the formula is thus:

    Steep inclines + sharp steering angle + first time in a rear-wheel drive + racing red mist = Jacob pushing the car back onto its wheels from the driver's seat.
  7. Welcome Jocob!
    Hopefully u can make an appearance at the Boronia coffee night?
    Great bunch of people there, if your free come on down n chow down w us!


    Oooh, she is so sexy and purrs, and is maroon.

    '94 Yamaha SRV250. I never thought I would love a 12 year old like this. Again. :wink:

    Will post some pics when I get the images off my camera (can't be arsed tonight) but I had to at least post this to get my stoked-ed-ness down to a level where I may lay me down to sleep..

    I live in Pakenham, which is a modest hike to Boronia, so I might wait a while before I ride that far at night. I'll try to make it to the coffee night in the cage sometime soon, so I can at least get acquainted with some of you.

    I'm psyched for two reasons now.

    Night all, can't wait to see you on the road!
    *Lays bug-eyed in bed till sun-up*
  9. :worthlesspics: :LOL: Envy...
  10. Pakenham? Why you're practically a Gippslander. :grin: If you're not doing anything this Saturday night (tonight), check out the Gippsy Xmas spit thread in Vic Rides and Events announcements. The guys doing the ride are fantastic...you'll learn heaps off them. If you're worried about riding, then just drive up for the bbq and say hi. :)

    If you can't make it to that, be sure to check out any other happenings in the Gippy area...monthly coffee ride/night...upcoming group rides etc.

    Hope to see you - and your bike - soon!

    And if you ever feel up for a ride, send me a pm. You can come down my way, or I can meet you up there if you like.

    Take care and ride safe,

    Rosie :)
  11. Welcome Jacob!
    Enjoy the bike...sounds like you're in luuuuv! :grin:
  12. [​IMG]
    Enjoy your new found love [​IMG]
  13. Welcome Jacob :grin:

    +1 and what Rosie said. Welcome along anytime. :)
  14. Welcome Jacob :grin:
  15. Thanks for the welcomes all.

    I found a few pics from back when my baby was slumming it with the previous owner.



    I was awake at 6:40 this morning (I am NOT a morning person), and couldn't get back to sleep. Watched a disc of Futurama, had some toast, and I appear to have racked up 141km before lunch.

    Will definitely start tagging along on rides soon. Just wanna do it alone at first - make sure I'm only a danger to myself while very green.

    Looking forward to time-sharing between the metro and rural coffee nights. I am a social whore...I mean "butterfly".

    Can't remove the :grin: from my mug. I even had a smile (between all the deep breaths and headchecks) when I got my first nod from a bloke on a Kwaka. I sense an addiction forming...
  16. Jacob, welcome... looks like you'll fit right in to the madhouse with the rest of us!!

    Hey Charmed, you seem to always have a new smilie in every post!! You must have the best selection!!