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Hola muchachos y muchachas!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Clairebear, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Yes- I'm another newbie to the site!

    I recently made the switch from a scooter to a Honda VTR250 and every time I ride I think "Why didn't I do this sooner?". I must say that I relish the fact that my exhaust attracts attention!

    I just wanted to say a big hello to everyone and I'm looking forward to sharing tips and info! \:D/
  2. Bienvenido, pendejo!

  3. Hiya clairebear

    bugger, now I've got the playschool song stuck in my head... " there's a bear in there... a chair as well...." AAAAARRRRGGGH!!

    Where ya from?

  4. Hi Clare,
    Good to see another chick. I traded up from a CBR250 to a 900! I AIN'T LOOKING BACK EVER!

    where abouts are you from?
  5. hey ho clarebear.... welcome to teh nut house!!!
  6. HOLA MU chacha cha


    MaMAcita bonita

    good to see ya;)
  7. welcome to our special brand of madness....

  8. AYEP... its not special its certified... :p
  9. Shucks. I feel so popular. *blushes*

    I'm currently in Footscray (AKA Foot-is-grey, Footscary, Footscrazy) and I work in the Melbourne CBD.

    I'm liking the crazy - it's my kind of tipple. :beer:
  10. bastardo! :rofl:

    welcome clairebear :grin:
  11. Hey Claire

    welcome to netrider
    I am out at Mickleham and also work in the CBD
    and yes its great to see another chick join our ranks

    Glad you found netrider and see you out there

  12. It's not your exhaust babe! :wink:

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Bonjour. Vous semblez chaud. Vous serez très bienvenu.
  14. its that beautiful rear end
  15. Welcome, Claire. I couldn't help but remember the old Franco Cozzo adverts when you said you come from footescray :LOL:.
  16. Hey, Claire, you're just up the road from me in crazy Yarraville :grin: Welcome to Netrider!
  17. from scooter to the real world!!!

    Hi Clairebear,
    I have done exactly what you have and am only just learning gear changes at the moment! I will be on the road sooner rather than later and I am already having fun just being off the scooter....
    I just had my VTR 250 serviced since I bought it having 14 thousand on it I guess it was the thing to do, I got oggy knobs and a new tyre fitted to the rear.
    I have a really hot pipe, it sounds grouse! I guess it can create attention sounds like a 1000cc!!!

    And just when I thought things were being overtaken by the fellas, it seems more and more girls are joining the wicked!

    Yay for the girls!
    Mite see you around I'm in the northern suburbs.
  18. Wlecome to the 4um Clairebear
  19. Welcome, Claire :)

    Making a big change like that must be so exciting! I'm looking at upgrading to a bigger bike, but mostly I'm just getting nervous... not that it will stop me :wink: