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Hola from Sydney!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by HasBas, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Greetings fellow riders!

    My name is Has and its short for my insanely long Sri Lankan name.
    Besides that, I am quite new to the riding community as I picked up my first ever bike back in April, a 2000 HONDA VTR 250. I got it for quite the steal. But with that, it did need some TLC.
    I am petrolhead and I assume most of us are. But motorcycles did have a small spark that intrigued me. Ever since I bought my bike I have thought about riding more than driving my little MX-5 and can understand and how its just a totally different "Zen" to it. I still do love my cars, one's with character that is, but the rider syndrome has i guess taken over. All i do is think and dream and picture myself riding all kinds of bikes and doing a roadies with a pack of riders.
    Unfortunately, being the silly geese I am, did forget to get a pinklslip asap and rego before it expired. My only option at this very moment is to go get it Blue slipped and... I would need to find a stock exhaust and also need my fork seals serviced. Which is just a shame really. I do not have a lot of time in my hands as I am at Uni sudying engineering and also working most of the time and training to reach my fitness goals.
    So far i have cleaned the carbuerettors for the first time myself and overhauled both brake calipers, front and rear. I have to say working on a motorcycle does tend to be a lot more therapeutic and a less strenuous than working on my MX-5.
    I gotta thank my friends for sparking my interest in motorcycles alongside with a lot of the cafe racer projects I see and some very admirable supersports bikes like the 675 Daytona. In my eyes I do see every type of bike as a work of art. The same goes with cars.
    I want to thank you all in advance for being such a lovely community than the typical morons you would come across in Car forums.
    Hopefully one day later down the track, I'll be awesome enough to make my own blog of my own Cafe Racer Project to keep you folks entertained!

    That's All Folks!
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  2. welcome board :)
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  3. Welcome (y)
    When was rego up? I think you have 3 months before blue slip is required.
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  4. (n) Lets just say its overdue. :facepalm:
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  5. Welcome to the forum mate
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  6. Hey HasBasHasBas welcome to NR.
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  7. Welcome Has! :cool:
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  8. Welcome to NR
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  9. Welcome to NR
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  10. Welcome mate
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  11. Welcome, sounds like you're hooked! And don't panic, I'm sure you'll find some morons in here if you look a little harder lol...

    Re working in your bike yourself - plenty of good info can be found here, either in the threads or by asking the question and waiting for response. Many bike gurus here.
    Also, check YouTube for 'how to' info, almost everything is on there these days.
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  12. Welcome to NR from Adelaide
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  13. gday HasBasHasBas and welcome to NR
  14. There's always a story to tell with every rider :) welcome to the nuthouse HasBasHasBas ! Good luck trying to re register and do all the bits and pieces!
  15. Hello HasBas