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Hola Amigos

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Colombiano, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Hello everybody, I´m from Colombia and came to Melbourne to improve my english and a lot more...javascript:emoticon(':grin:')
    In Colombia my last bike was a DL650 of 2008..javascript:emoticon(':)')
    I love ride the bikes and feel all the freedom that only can give it to you.
    Maybe in a few days I need a bike, for a job that start in october. But also I want to travel around the "country" (is impossible to know everywhere, but I refer to know the most number of places where I can go with mi bike)
    You should understand that are very different the options to have a bike in Colombia and in Australia, maybe here the number of good motorcycles are bigger therefore I know just a little about
    Before to come to Australia I was thinking in a KLR650 because is for double propose (road and off road) but, nowadays I don´t know if is a good choice; maybe you can help me to decide.
    My budget is around $6000
    I like more the tourism than sport or chopper.

    Really thank you, in this moment I don´t have an excellent level of english, but I´m trying and just have to say...wold be great one day have a motorcycle here and get around the city and this amazing country, and learning with you all the Australian secrets hide it back the two wheels..

    Gracias por su colaboracion!!


    :grin: :grin: :grin:

  2. I'll let somebody with more knowledge of dual purpose bikes comment. However your English is better than some current forum users, good job. Oh, welcome to Netrider and Australia.
  3. Welcome aboard !!
  4. haha i agree, your english is better than some people who post here.

    im a sports bike person, so i cant help either.

    Welcome to NR and Melb
  5. Thanks for the welcome!!

    If anyone want to have a look of our community in Colombia and our trips, go into http://potencialimite.com/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=78&topic=13478.0 there is a trip to Santander in the North East of Colombia, so close to the border line with Venezuela.... If the spanish is not yours, you can watch some criminal pictures... I went just with my girl and was an amazing ride for 9 days...

    The structure of both forums is the same... ENJOY IT

    Someone who want to add something to the main topic?

    Q chimba Australiaaaaa!!
  6. +1

    i also can't help with the bike ;), but someone will come along (or you can ask in other forum sections) about it :)
  7. hello everybody.
    my name is Chrystian C Sanchez, i'm from colombia too.
    Colombiano is my latest best friend, and our friendship started because our heart have the same passion, the 2 wheels.

    he let me alone here in my small city, he damaged mi pure heart, and now I´m seeling my love, the only one who understand me, the one who make me feel that life have a purpose, with a lot sadness I´m seeling mi 2007 gsr suzuki.

    I´m applying for my australian visa, and i hope to be there on the first days of december, I like to improve my english too.

    I know, COLOMBIANO must be very sad because, one more time he is going to be at the back of my mirror.

    I like to know you people before i´ll get there.

    the only wall between the comunity and me it's the language, for that reason, I apologize for my english.

    you have two colombian at your disposal.


    ps: ñarria nos vemos en el espejo.
    Ps2: melbourne rocksssssss.
    ps3: I hope to find low price sbk when i get there, althougth, the first 6 month i dont think have the money to buy it.
  8. I loooove the pics of your trip that posted!! Looks like riding heaven!

    Welcome :)

    Be sure to come on a Saturday morning group ride when you get a bike!!!!! St Kilda service station (BP). See you there.
  9. I think there may be some trolling going on here. :?
  10. Make sure you bring plenty of coke to Australia :LOL: we australians love coke in a bottle :grin:
  11. Bienvenidos. Your English is great. I have no idea about the bikes.
  12. Thanks for everything