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VIC Hoddle street bus lane sharing trial imminent

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Well I had to hear it through BV, who have taken a pretty dim view of the trial, but it looks like the Hoddle street motorcycle bus lane sharing trial is imminent.


    If buses and taxis already use the lane, why are cyclists upset about motorcycles which are far more manouvreable and able to given them room?

    I guess it goes without saying, if you're a hoddle street MC rider, DON'T FUCK IT UP! Give the cyclists space and a thank you wave.

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  2. Just gave BV a serve - seriously, sharing a bus lane (must be at least 3.5m wide) with a motorcycle would be the much better road user option for cyclists... compared to an actual bus or wayward distracted taxi?!!!

    BV need a collective smack around the back of the head FFS.
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    Typical lycra f-wits....!!!

    Flame suit on, wuv you robby!!

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd

    Serious note; hope it works, have patience motorcyclists and scooters; the cyclists won't be familiar with sharing, so take it easy, and if in a heated exchange of words, try attempt explaining things first before knocking them out.

    Wow wtf, i'm been all diplomatic and shit?? WTF is wrong with me?!???? I need my bike back asap...!!

    Good luck hoodle streeters...

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  4. What ****ing morons, they'd like make it out that sharing it instead with a 60 tonne bus and taxi drivers is somehow not dangerous at all. MC are more manueverable, generally paying more attention and can overtake their slow asses without nearly causing an accident in the adjacent lane. What selfish twats. Would have thought they would support it.
  5. That was my sentiment too toadcat.

    hahah Browny. :)
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    I'm going to make a slight detour and use this for my commute. Trust me, I will be very careful (of cyclists in particular). Seriously, BV are utter fvckwits, and there are cyclists who think so too.

    So is there any info around about when this is going to happen?
  7. {thanks for alerting me Titus to posting this in the wrong but still related thread! D'oh!}

    Not my most politic effort, but as a paid up BV member I have a right to give them buckets or bouquets. I'll be interested to see what response I get from BV.

    ...and no, no idea when this trial will be made official.
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  8. Curious - none of us involved with any of the discussions,workshops etc about this have been informed yet BV know. I've contacted VicRoads to ask why the Motorcycle Advisory Group members haven't been informed.

    VicRoads commissioned SKM to carry out work on this (SKM contracted, among others, Marcus Wigan). They had two studies going - a specific one on bus lanes and another one on more generalised road sharing which also included the dept of Transport.

    One of the things that came out of the studies was that motorcycles were the only vehicles (besides buses) that were compatible with bus lanes. Taxis pull over to the kerb to pick up and set down passengers and slow bicycles can cause serious delays to buses.

    I'm somewhat surprised at the Hoddle Street trial. When we suggested Hoddle Street would be a good trial we were told that it wasn't feasible and that even bicycles would probably be banned from the upgraded Hoddle Street bus lanes because of the increased frequency of the buses.

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  9. Very interesting! Give them space and show we a courteous. Hopefully this will work in our favour!

    Rob - How long have you been a member of BV? Did you get down to the "Around the bay in a day" event?
  10. About four years I think. I did ATB three years ago. I was going to let it lapse but I see it as part of the job of being plugged in to motorcycle related information sources.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  11. Perhaps the trial should be sent to the Vic Parliamentary Raod Safety Committee as an example of how VicRoads consults with its stakeholders.
  12. I think this possible trial for motorcyclists should be read by drivers as well...making drivers aware of certain trials might actually help minimize accidents. I know cagers drive with a sense of ignorance, but every bit counts and once they know we are allowed to be in bus lanes on Hoddle, pretty sure there will be a slightly higher percentage of road users keeping an eye out. Might also give a positive light to motorcyclists and reduced road rage...since we aren't skipping the queue.
  13. Article on it here.

    Bikers to test sharing bus lane

    Sounds like a great idea to me, though it doesn't sound like we have much support. BV stance is particularly disappointing. The bus lane down Hoddle St is wide enough to easily accomodate both push and motorcycles. The biggest conflict is between buses and pushies due to a significant difference in both size and speed. Get the buses out of the bus lanes I say :D
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  14. The Bus Association wally was just on the wireless, decrying our ability to share the bus lane with his 20 ton monsters.

    And then flat out denied that cyclists were allowed to use bus lanes!

    Oh, and BV can be as devious as the next organisation in this: they are more than happy to use motorcycle marshals for first aid and control during their rides. I do the RTB and 3 Peaks, they'd be lost without us and what we contribute.
  15. Is it possible for me to give them a serve too? Can you advise what I must do to follow your lead Rob?
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    Heli, I'm incensed. I just heard the BV spokes person on 774 spinning the crap that motorcyclists want to go "faster" and so shouldn't be allowed to use the bicycle lane.

    Not only haven't they responded to my email, they're spinning bullshit... and I applied to be a motorcycle marshall for 3 peaks recently...

    I believe this is the guy who needs to be set straight: Garry Brennan - can't find an email.

    There's also the "contact us" on the BV site.


    Note: The spokes person is Garry Brennan - disregard the email address I listed in earlier post. At this stage, the "contact us" address is it.

    Just got the first comment in on The Age.

    A more sanitised version of:

    Which is my opening post in the official BV forum - the first two posters were open to the idea of a trial.

    Second serve given to BV:

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    I hope that you have now withdrawn that service? Or written to them telling BV to shove it.....

    I'm developing my response:soapbox:

    For starters, I believe that motorcycle and bicycle riders should be allies - not adversaries.

    Got my comments published beneath Robs. I think that the Riders have spoken.

    We need more from others here.

  18. Not at all. We can do more good inside than outside the organisation, generally we are well appreciated by riders and management. But every organisation has a rogue element, some of which make more noise and get more airtime than they deserve ](*,)
  19. I also made a comment a while back about Hoddle Street bus lanes, which are open to all road users outside 'rush hours'. I was following a VicPol solo in the bus lane, so two of us on white Beemers in fluoro jackets. After the 4th near miss where cars/buses pulled into the bus lane in front of the solo, I went back into the mob and filtered.

    It was safer!
  20. I wouldn't pull my offer of volunteering either, for the same basis, but marshals must be thinking WTF given all the positive history there is between cyclists and bike events featuring motorcycles.

    I'm annoyed that Garry Brennan is taking the line that motorcyclists are already law breakers, often breaking the speed limit, and so they shouldn't be allowed in the bus lane which gives motorcyclists the opportunity to go even faster again. What a cynical and anti altruistic take on things... riders filter for their own safety... funnily enough, so do cyclists.

    If bikers **** this up, we don't deserve the lanes.

    Edit: good comments on the article fellers.