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Hobart to Brisbane, via Melb, Canberra, Syd etc. - Jan '08

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by darklightBoy, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Here I go! My experience on the north island is limited to Melbourne CBD, a couple of eastern suburbs (Boronia/Bayswater area), PI and Sovereign Hill. So this January I'll be packing up the VTR and heading north, 3 weeks up to Brissy and back.

    The Plan So Far: (subject to change)

    - 05/01/08: Hobart to Launceston via the east coast/St Helens.
    - 06/01/08: Up to Devonport in the morning, spend the day on the Spirit, land in Melbourne about 6pm.
    - 07/01/08: Spend the day in Melbourne, meet the (apparently) wonderful Williamstown crew for their Monday night gathering.
    - 08/01/08: Leave Melbourne (via black spur?). At this point aiming to arrive in Brisbane on the 11th to meet a friend.

    At this point I'll probably spend 2 or 3 nights in Brissy, I've got friends and family around there, so do most of my sightseeing on the way back. Definitely got room for any good day rides though (kezza?)

    - Leave Brisbane on Monday 14th (maybe the sunday if this polar bear can't stand the heat :p ). Some of the places I want to go through are Coffs Harbour, Newcastle/Sydney/Wollongong, definitely through the mountains. Want to do a day trip from Sydney out to Parkes/Bathurst, got an interest in seeing the big dish, plus riding round Mt Panorama (of course!).

    So one question I have is: Is four days enough time to get from Melbourne to Brisbane on the good bike roads? I should have accommodation in Canberra so that's most likely going to be one of the stops. The rest will probably be camping to save costs.

    Thanks for your suggestions so far guys, I'll have a closer look at those roads you've suggested tonight when I can pull out the big atlas I've got.
  2. oh man, another southerner planning a road trip to visit us brissie-based netriders.....

    we must be good people!

    just let us know plans (eg dates and stuff) as they become more set and we'll see what we can do to give you a nice (?) queensland welcome. i'm sure the crew here will be able to help out with nice rides and places to stay.....

    look forward to seeing you here....
  3. Stay away from the coast rod for the most part, although there are some good parts.

    Head north of Smelbourne and do the reefton and or black spur (IMHO nice roads, but spoilt by too much traffic, and too many rossi wannabe's. then head to the border via mansfiel

    Go "over the top", ie Jindabyne and the snow resorts, that time of year should be luverly (although I did hit some rain in Jan/Dec this year)
    One "must do" road is the Oxley highway from Wauchope to Walcha, awesome!!!!
    Putty road aint too bad, In the main I just kept zig-zagging across the dividing range, that way you miss the way over-policed and often boring coast road, and the way too straight western truck routes (lot's of trucks = bummer). You'll have a ball, watch your petrol and plan the "leg stretch" stops to suit and you'll be right.

    Grab a copy of the australian motorbike atlas thingo published by hema maps, that'll give you a good idea on decent roads.

    Once you get here, you can stay at my place as long as you like.

    we'll catch up @ Joes in October, I'll bring my notes and I'll help where I can
  4. thanks for the offer and tips iffracem :)

    I'm definitely up for checking out the spur(s), also hoping to make stops in glenrowan and canberra on the way through, although looking at my map it seems to be all pretty much straight road to get there. either that or go up maroondah hwy till it becomes the wangaratta-winfield road. what kind of travel time would that be? need to start working out where my overnight stops will be. I should have accommodation in Canberra so that's somewhere to go (plus the old man says I should see the war memorial.)
  5. Are you looking at camping? If so, stop in at Trial Bay Gaol at Sth West Rocks on the NSW coast. Quite stunning..the gaol and the views. Plenty of campsites, clean facilities and a not too bad rd to get you there :) Great chill out location. :)

    Check the Motorcycling Atlas - Urunga to Dorrigo or even further to Ebor is a must do road whilst up there.

    Blue Mtns.

    Also, I found on my trip up there that it pays to chat with other motorcyclists you meet. I changed my direction a few times due to their advice and it was well worth it ;) :)

    And drop in here on the way back if you can. :)
  6. if you head into sydney rather then by passing definately give the putty a hit in the guts, then head to glouster then up thunderbolts way to walcha, then across the oxley to port macqurie up to urunga then up waterfall way to dorrigo to armidale up over the northern highlands to tenterfield across the bruxner highway to casino, up the summerland hwy to kyogle continue up past wiangrai, not the correct spelling but its a little village 15 minues out of kyogle past wiangari turn right on to the lions road for loads of beautiful twistie road cut through some beautiful rainforrest up over the border

    done most of these roads last september and you really cant go wrong, plenty of twistie stuff to entertain
  7. Thanks qbn. I'm gonna go into Sydney, do the obligatory opera house and bridge shot :p, probably find a place in the greater Syd area to stay for a night or two as I want to do a day trip out west.

    Heard good things about Putty road, so I'll check it out. Have updated my original post with the plan so far.

    Rosie: have just been looking back over your trip again :p will definitely have to do that Alpine way road....
  8. Hey..I did all that. :) Great stuff. Armidale to Tenterfield's nothing to get excited about, but the Bruxner was a nice surprise. :)
    I read it every now and then too. :) Alpine way...Snowy hwy...Tawonga Gap...Bright to Mt Hotham...Mansfield to Whitfield...Murray River rd...lots of fun stuff up around that way. :grin: No doubt they'll all be on my list of rds to do on my trip Nth. We might cross paths somewhere along the way!....not literally of course ;) :LOL:
  9. bloody oath rosie, was nice and surprised to afterhit armidale up tenterfield, turned off for casino and up comes asome brilliant twisties, nice mix of 35's and 45's for quite a while
  10. Some good suggestions already, to add a couple more for the run into QLD.

    From Kyogle I suggest either (A) riding on past the Lions Rd, which while nice to ride means missing far better roads, continue along the Summerland way to enjoy some excellent curves in the upper reach of the valley before turning right onto Mt Lindsey h-way, this takes you over the range of the same name and is superb with 100's of corners and onto Beaudesert and Brisbane or even better -

    (8) From Kyogle ride to Muwillumbah via Uki the via the Numimbah Valley to Advancetown and along Hinze Raceway to Nerang then M1 north for final run into Brisbane. Riding either along ranges or winding your way through scenic rural valleys in an area with 5 world heritage listed rainforests this route has literally 1000+ corners.

    Getting to Kyogle I 2nd the above suggestion to ride up Thunderbolts way and over the Oxley h-way then Waterfall way and lastly via Nymbodia region to Grafton - some of the best motorcycle roads in the country.

    And should time not allow and you choose to ride up the New England then its a bit boring so try the Bruxtner which is not too bad. You can turn north from it to Bonalbo then onto Woodenbong to join the Mt Lindsey h-way rather than ride all the way to Kyogle.

    Pics and info on these roads in my blog (link in my signature) which may assist. ALOT more superb bikes roads in the ranges north and south of Brisbane.

  11. If you are coming into Cantberra from Glenrowan way try to go through Khancoban, up over the renge to Cabramurra/Kiandra & then to Cooma on the Snowy Mountains Highway. You will be suitably impressed.

    If you dont mind some dirt you can cut the Cooma bit out (which is not that exiting) & head through Namadgi National park. It is about 80ks to the edge of Cantberra with about 40-50ks of dirt, some of it nice & some if it rough as guts (passable by 2wd thoughm just rough).

    Mind you with all the suggestions you will need 3 months to get to Brisvegas :driver: