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Hobart to Bothwell- Sunday 29th

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by techno, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. It’s not often we get good riding weather in winter in Tassie but the weather gods smiled on us today. Alright it was still cold but it was a clear day and the temp was in double figures for a change.
    A dedicated group of five (myself, Wobby and pillion Helen, Darklightboy and Mycal666) turned up to Joes at 10AM and a decision was made to run up to Bothwell via the Derwent valley. Heading out of Hobart, some guy in an MX5 got to see a 600 gixxer disappear into the distance on the back wheel.
    The bikes waiting to go.


    No need to gather up at New Norfolk as planned as we were all still flying in formation. By the time we got to the turn off to Bothwell we had broken ranks. Simon and I pulled up after the turn off only to see Nathan cruise on past towards Hamilton (forgot to tell him where it was). Simon went in pursuit to turn him around.
    The first part of the road from the turnoff towards Bothwell is bloody brilliant. Recently sealed and plenty of reasonable speed bends. Just had to watch out for the roadkill. Very little traffic except a learner driver and two fully loaded cattle trucks who decided to use all of the road. About a third of the way along the road loses its racetrack surface and becomes bumpy and broken in places but still plenty of corners and a few good straights. I’ve been on a few rides on this stretch where there were sheep on the road, the last time a whole flock.
    All too soon the road arrives at Bothwell where we settled into the bakery for a feed and a sit in the sun to warm up.

    Nathan and Simon discussing the use of third person narratives in postmodern literature.


    The bikes resting at Bothwell


    After a chat we headed back the same way just to ride that stretch of road again.
    New tyres on the 600ss has transformed the handling of the bike. I know I was supposed to take it easy for the first 150km but with a stretch of road like this I couldn’t help but enjoy it.
    Stopped for fuel in New Norfolk before heading back to Hobart on the Eastern side of the river. A good ride from Hobart if you have about half a day.
  2. BAstards..... next time I'll be there. Told you the tyres were forked. It does handle nice for an old bike.
  3. Oh. I forgot to mention the box on the back of Wobby's bike. I couldn't follow him as the sun was reflecting off it that much. Bling bling! :shock:
  4. so the guzzi now has a dj case? wow a dj'ing layer... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Glad you guys had a good ride. :grin:
    Nice and sunny this weekend.
    Thanks for the invite, and for saying my mum was welcome! :LOL:
  6. wow great write up. i was soooooo annoyed not having a bike with weather like that just begging to be out on the road having a wicked time.