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Hobart and return, the longish way (for some)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Iffracem, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Well, we did the trip, Hobart-- Swansea-- Campletown-- Poatina-- Bothwell-- Hobart. Well SOME of us did the second half :wink:

    The "netriders" present were Techno on his long suffering Across, V8Cressida on his little Kwaka ZZR250 and myself on the Cat, the others getting trapped by domesticity (ba ha ha, suck to be you!)

    Ring-ins outnumbered Netriders, with a few workmates, V8's mate, Matt (owner of Joe's garage) and his GF, and another friend.

    Here's the line up of the early arrivees (Techno's bike was hiding round the corner, V8 hadn't made it yet)

    Although I really wanted to take heaps of photos, events conspired against me.. like letting Techno ride the cat which had my camera, Matt's GF lost her chain link. :shock: No damage done, good presence of mind to quickly "declutch"and coast to the side of the road. Those Yammie srx660's are made tough :wink:
    Then after the delay it was "catchup" all the way to Campletown (that's my excuse anyway :p )

    Great weather at the start saw 11 head to the first head count at a Servo in Triabunna, the omens weren't good, two dropping out and heading home :?

    The rest headed to Swansea, I gave Techno a chance at a ride on the Cat, relieving the left foot from manic gear changing the Across demands on hilly roads.

    Don't ya hate slow Subbies on nice roads....
    (Matt of Joes garage fame, in the interests of safety awareness, I wont show you what he does next :-w )

    I was more than happy to get the Cat keys back I can tell you [-o<
    Lunch was a tad subdued, due to two being sidetracked into a servo for chain repairs. and the "staggered" arrival of the rest.

    The first to finish food 'n drinks head on to Campletown via the lucsious Lake Leake road. Matt and his shaken GF stay for more "comfort food" and decide thats enough fun for one day and head back. The rest all chase the others to C-town, uneventful, but FUN!!

    Only Leigh, Tim (owner of the big Caponard) and myself were brave enough to tackle the high country, despite the ominous clouds appearing.
    The others headed south down the Midlands bore-way.

    Quick stop off at Poatina for techno to refill his thimble sized fuel tank, then up the escarpment to the highland lakes. Cool, but not too bad at all, beautiful run across the top to Bothwell.

    Real Men made it to the lakes!

    No you fool... he said the LEMON tree!

    Sadly it was too late to grab one of the excellent pies at the "fat Doe", so cheesecake did the job.

    Then home to a warm welcome, fire and contented rest.

  2. Bastards, next time.....
  3. Well, ya better get the duck rego'd and serviced eh!
  4. :( oh well... missing this to go riding with my girl proves how much I love my babies.... Next time... gadget... next time.
  5. Nice report.

    I'd just like to point out that its Tim watering the vegetation and not me. My bladder can last longer than an across fuel tank. :grin:
  6. Great ride report! Thanks..:)

    Glad you all had a good day...relatively incident free too!
    I will definately be on the next ride! providing there's no more visitors!...:)
    See you all at Joes tonight...:)
  7. Notice that under the photo of the watering of the lemon tree, it says 'click to enlarge'? If only it was that simple :p
  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: