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hmmmm, the front of my bike lifted.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sweeris, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. This is my first post in about 3.5months. After a 10 weeks holiday in thailand (riding a scooter). I came back here 3weeks ago and Im still trying to get skills back from not riding it.

    This morning, I was abit late for work. So I kinda rushed. I was heading out bound from the city on Princess Hwy. I just passed Warrigul Rd and going to tun right into a side street. I stopped on a bit of an incline to wait for traffic. After all the traffic has passed I saw the next set of traffic approaching so I quickly accelerate off. When I was crossing the first lane I had a feeling that the front is still pointing up and its very light. I still kept the power on and I felt a small bump that that straighten my wheel up(it wasnt straight at the time). By the time I felt the bump I was halfway accross the Hwy already but I just didnt think of it much and I just continued to work.

    Got to work and just started working...........

  2. well, you successfully crossed an intersection. i eagerly await episode 2 - roundabouts.
    :p :p :p
  3. Comming back to a 250, you had to adjust!

  4. I hated the scooter. It felt like I couldnt control it.
  5. Sounds like a similar story with the arghargh. :LOL:
  6. What the...... :rofl:
  7. Well I won't take the piss outa you but I will say one thing. Even though you probably didn't even lift the front wheel, just unload the suspension, it can be dangerous doing that through an intersection as it can result in some nasty tank slappers. Just something to think about...
  8. at least not a total epic fail since you got through the intersection without stalling on the incline :p
  9. ...or getting booked for losing control of the bike (monos are very frowned on).


  10. R O F L
  11. you daredevil, next you'll be drinking muzzbuzz while riding