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Hmm i wouldnt be suprised if these guys were dead by now...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by blackjackx, Aug 9, 2008.

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  2. Did that guy just round a blind corner on the wrong side of the road @ the 30 sec mark? :shock:
    Forget the 30 sec mark .. it get worse
  3. Yeah I think they do that about a dozen times throughout the video... although from the trailing guy's point of view, I guess he'll know there's a car there if the guy in front suddenly goes flying... but that first guy must have been either insane or psychic.
  4. yea i agree but the guy on the ducati in the front was also taking better lines and not going crazy all over the road like the guys on the gixxer.
  5. Been posted several times before. Put on your safety nanna-proof earplugs.
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    My favorite part is around 1:35. He/She is sliding the back out and nearly loses it and has a head on!! Nice move again at 3:40.

    At least the guy on the 999 was staying in his lane around corners, it seemed like the guy on the GSXR was struggling to keep up and was going around blind corners on the wrong side of the road because he was desperate.

    WTF happened at around 4:08? He nearly went over the handle bars!!

    Then 4:56 has it a bit sideways and nearly has a head on lol!!!

    Cool video

    hmm this is bad, really bad

  7. I dont think there is a point where he nearly loses it nightgash...He breaks traction several times...on purpose by the looks of it. Does a stoppie and generally hammers about.

    The guys are clearly quite good riders...there backing it into the corners well, and getting on the power pretty early. Something to remember too, is that while the corners are blind on the camera, they might not be if you can swivel your head to look. The bloke on the ducati has decent skills, look at the way he flicks it from side to side, he went from knee down to knee down pretty quickly. Not really amatuerish stuff at those speeds, and with that control, its a good video.

    Sadly...too many of the nans who cant ride ride like that will cry...great video.
  8. It looked pretty safe to me. :grin: But it does show that you should never panic, and always go for the gaps, because you will fit through if you try.

    I reckon the GSXR must have had a bad front tyre, as it was his front that was washing out, or hopping sideways, heaps of times. It could have been the rear hopping on downshifts that started it, but the front was definitely letting go.

    The only bit that worried me was when there were oncoming bikes also pushing it along. It is easy to see how a head on could happen when you or they are cutting corners like that. Scary.
  9. boring