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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Farab, May 13, 2007.

  1. Can anyone tell me which is the latest / better model Helmet; the HJC AC-11 or the HJC FG-14? Thanks

  2. AC-11 are supposed to be top of the range I think.
    But, I saw a site that had some details of a AC-12 helmet. Maybe a replacement or an error.

    Speaking of which..they had a carbon fibre helmet. Looked pretty cool.
  3. i bought my FG14 last year in august, if thats any help, so id say its atleast a year old in design.

    taking a guess the ac?
  4. Just spoke to the distributor. Basically it 6 off one and half dozen of the other.
    The AC-11 is a polymer (plastic) composite. More durable, but needs to be replaced after 5 years due to UV damage (decomposition) . Also slightly heavier.
    The FG-14 is a glassfibre/kevlar combo. Should be slightly ligther than the AC-11, but not as durable if dropped, etc. More UV resistant than the AC-11.
    Both have basically the same inners and supposed to be equally as good ventilated.
  5. Check out the www.mcleodaccessories.com.au They have the full range and pics of all the latest HJC range and anything else that may interest you. Just click on Our Brands on home page and then click on the appropriate brand and away you go..

    The models are listed top of range and down.
  6. The AC-11 is actually a fibreglass, dyneema and kevlar shell, not plastic... hence the "AC" designation -- "Advanced Composite" ... rather than a polycarbonate composite -- which is the "CL" series.

    The FG-14 is actually a European-only (ECE 22-05) HJC, and as a tendency, European helmets are lighter than US/Snell versions... of which the AC-11 that we get here in Australia is. NB: There's also an AC-11 ECE version, but that's not the version we get.

    The AC-12 both tri-composite and carbon versions are the newest ones, but we don't get them here.
  7. i bought a AC-11 18 months ago and love it.

    The thing that sold it for me (apart from comfort and price) was the AC-11 was awarded 'best helmet sold in uk' in the tests by a major magazine over there (forgotten whic one). But it performed better than some helmets twice the price.

    good luck !
  8. I'm in the same boat mate, bought mine about 18 months ago & I think its great, especially for the price.

    I didn't do any research before purchasing, just liked the feel/look of it!

    I will buy a new helmet in the next year, and I still would go the AC-11!
  9. Breath guard for it is pretty flimsy though. Held on by three button like tabs.
    Once they losen up it wont stick.
    My first helmet was HJC AC11. Loved it. the graphic was called Zeek in black white and silver.
    Good helmet.
  10. i got a hjc fg-14 phenoix, had it for around 10 months now and its great, but yeah same with the breathe guard pretty flimsy but i use that too
  11. As a wise old sage once told me:

    'There are two things you need in life. Duct tape and WD-40. If it moves and it shouldnt, Duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, WD-40'

    I think he was close with the nose guard- i just superglued my tabs (i like it on all the time) and it has stuck for 12 months now :grin:
  12. the one that fits you correctley!

    the most important thing with a helmet is the fit, try on lots of brands and modles and you can see for your self then you can make a short list and compaire quality and price from there.

    also dont be put off from the polly or plastic helmets. as long as they are with in there service life and i god condishion there fine. i wrote off a car with one once. my bike hit another car and wrote it off to. and i'm still ok (i think).