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HJC IS16 with integrated sun visor

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Garido, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. So you're still riding with the Vemar Jiano, Paul?
  2. search. has been covered. i like mine a lot as a daily helmet for commuting, something it does well. because it will be stinky by the end of the year, so i will just toss it and buy one again. AMX sells them for 300 bucks. tell them you can buy it for less at the helmet warehouse and offer cash
    i have nicer helmets for posing on weekends, but as a daily workhorse the is-16 is ideal.
    certain times of year, find myself riding directly into the sun or my regular routes. so internal visor helps a bit. i am also too lazy to change visors at work. so if i leave before sunup, have clear visor, with option of light tint for afternoon sun at the push of a button.
    the helmet has all the other good features you'd want in a helmet also.
    just make sure it fits you. hjc's don't fit all heads
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    Yep, I like it a lot; probably the best helmet I've ever owned.
  4. Have you tried cleaning the removable liner?
  5. I was looking at those, but ended up with a shark s900. It has the internal sun visor as well, around the same money, and rated 4 stars, oh it fit my head better too!!!
  6. May be a one off problem but mine sux in the rain.
    Water leaks into the helmet through the inside of the visor.
    The other thing I don't like about it is the opening positions. Fully open, half, and fully shut. Sometimes I just want a little airflow but its almost all or nothing.
    Its otherwise pretty convenient to have a sun visor.
  7. I've had one of these for over a year now and I've had no issues with it and I must say mine has no leaks even in torrential rain.
    I actually bought it as a spare to my AGV but found it more comfortable (user dependant).
    The abilitly to lower the internal tinted visor while riding is so handy that I haven't used my AGV since and it's become my pillion/spare now...
    I'll never own a helmet without an internal visor again..

    Mind you, there are a no of other brands with internal tinted visors available...
  8. ??? See my post above (unless it's the Vemar you're talking about :?)????
  9. Love my RJays tour-Tech flip front and built in sun visor.
  10. Seen the Vemar, and Rjay's Hawklord is referring to..
    Also seen a couple of shark models with internal tinted visor so yeah their usefullness is becoming more mainstream.
  11. + 1 thumbs up to the IS-16, my first helmet, (also tried a Shoei on one ride too) chin curtain and nose cover clip in nicely , good amount of airflow with front , top and rear vents. Fits my big head well... Without being overly heavy. Fairly quiet too but still can hear everything going on... Bit louder wind noise on the freeway...

    The internal sunvisor is nice, I would prefer if it was polarized, but still better than nothing if your riding early or late in the day and don't have sunglasses handy or have left them at home...

    Easy one hand, three position adjustment on the sunvisor too... so good for cruiser and sports bike riders alike.

    Have ridden in the rain a few times... Not the most water resistant lid out there but if you clip the visor down (lock) it stands up to most water...

    I'd happily get another if needed for the price ... But I am tempted by the takamii ones :D