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Hjc is-16

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by Rabbito, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I bought this lid in August,from AMX,$299 for solid colours or about treefiddy for graphics,I did see it priced at $400 at an undisclosed motorcycle retailer..that sells Hondas...in Mornington 8-[ so it pays to shop around.
    I choose glossy black (coz black stuff is tough).
    The fit is perfect (for my melon anyway) the lining is removable and is of the 'silver cool' type..being treated with antibacterial stuff that is supposed to keep your helmet free from becoming a science experiment.
    The crown and cheek pads are held in place by press studs so removal for washing is a snap.The lining feels soft,almost velvety as do the straps that fasten it under your chin.The cheeks felt tight for the first week,this is to be expected while the lid is still brand new,now it just feels firm without feeling like your cheeks are being forced into your teeth.

    Fastening is by way of D rings,unlike the quick release buckle that was on my last lid,while the quick release is handy the D rings are better and provide more scope for adjustment..should you choose to wear a balaclava for winter riding for example.

    The helmet is fitted with a chin curtain that helps to keep things quiet,riding without it is drafty and at highway speeds you notice that booming buffeting wind sound more.It it easy to fit and remove as it is a friction fit between the liner and the shell.

    Ventilation is taken care of by two vents on the top of the lid and one on the jaw guard.The one on the jaw is smallish although it's designed to vent air onto the back of the visor.The visor is treated with anti fog so I dont really know just how well it works.
    The helmet also has a breath guard fitted to assist with anti fogging,it's removable in seconds and is held in place by three small studs.You can feel the difference though between open and closed. The top vents do a good job and you can feel the air on ya noggin..having no hair I can say they work very well.

    The visor is only adjustable in three positions..that sux a tad considering the MDS lid I had was only 130 bucks and was adjustable 7 ways..to it's credit though the clarity of the visor is superb and pretreated with antifog,the seal is great and I have tested it in torrential rain with no drops getting inside.
    The helmet is fitted with an internal sunvisor that has three positions,retracted,down..and a bit lower down.There is a fourth position but it's for removal of the visor for replacement or cleaning..the sunvisor is not treated with antifog.It does a pretty good job,not too dark but it certainly takes the edge off the glare and is easy to lower even when on the move.

    The bonus is that you don have to pull over to fit or remove sunglasses and you dont have those 'oh crap I just stabbed inside my ear with the arms of my sunnies' moments.
    Retraction is by way of a single button on the crown and the visor snaps back into place under spring tension..your pillion can do this for amusement causing the utterance of bad words on the riders behalf...its retraction is very fast and loud as it snaps back into place.

    Removing the clear visor is just too easy,fully raise the visor and press the levers near the hinges backwards..it just pops off,refitting is the reverse..it has to be the easiest system I have used.
    There is a small lock on the left side of the visor..should you need to lock your visor down though I cant see the visor popping up by itself at road legal speeds.

    Judging the helmets noise is a bit tricky,I ride a GS500F,so for me the helmet is dead quiet up to 90 kph,in fact the first ride with it I found myself over the limit until I got used to how much wind noise there wasn't.
    From 90 to silly velocity there is a whistle if I move my head from side to side beyond the protection of the fairing.This is from the top vents,and is lessened with the vents open. It will be different for riders of naked bikes and I can only guess how it would perform for the 'knees in ya armpits bum up super sports riders'.

    In all for 300 skins it's a very good quality lid with some nice features found on more expensive lids.

  2. I bought one from one of the amx stores too.

    I hate it in the rain. It just pours into my helmet. It's like rain in my visor.

    I dislike the 3 position visor opening too. PITA
  3. I have the same helmet and the rain did annoy me a bit but like smee posted somewhere put some tape to the top of the visor.

    He mentions in below thread


    Alternatively make it your summer helmet and get another for rain : )

    The internal sun visor is well worth the money.
  4. I must be lucky, been in rain a few times in it and no issues.
    Maybe not raining hard enough.
    Bought one of these as a second helmet as I liked the internal visor on those days you're in and out of the sun..
  5. Can't speak for the model in question, but I'm generally unimpressed with HJC's visor mechanisms. I put up with them though, because I like the rest of the lids so much. Excellent fit and a nicer finish than other similarly priced brands (IMHO).
  6. I love the quick change mechanism,but more positions for the visor to open to, would be better. I have ridden in some horrendous weather but I have not had any problem with rain getting to the inside of the visor...the only water inside I have had was from when I have cracked opened the visor...the antifog coating is pretty good..but not brilliant.
  7. i had a hjc... an ac-14? or something similar. was a very good helmet, id still be using it if i hadnt sent it (with me inside) down the road!
  8. I have a HJC CL15 thats about to be replaced with another HJC.
    I reckon I could scuba dive in mine and it wouldnt let water in.
    I have ridden in rain hard enough to stop the speedo working (electric).
    I either ride with the lid open on the first click or fully closed.
    HJC suite my head and my pocket :)
  9. I've got one of these too and the OP review prety much nailed my experience with the exception of water inside. I've ridden in some heavy rain and not had any seepage into my helmet. Everything other bit of me was wet though :D

    And like the OP the annoying visor positions are ... annoying.

    Fun Ha!