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HJC HJ-09 RST silver Visor and sunshields and others CHEAP!

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Portagrug, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. HJC HJ-09 RST silver Visor and sunshields SOLD

    SOLD .. Thanks NR :)

    Hi all.. So.. i ordered a HJC HJ-09 RST Mirrored Silver visor and the Dark Smoke HJ-V5 sun shield internal visor for my IS-16 from the states and then ended up finding the Shark Vision R helmet that i now love.

    So.. i will now be selling the 2 visors together or separate to some lucky bugger who isnt going to pay the shipping fees to get the visors from the states to here..

    These visors have been fitted to my helmet but have never seen road use.. (only looked down the driveway to check the effect)

    The RST Mirrored silver visor looks great on the black "Cycle 5" style of my helmet and the Dark Smoke sun shield is a little darker than the stock shield and worked very well for my daylight sensitive eyes..

    RST Mirrored silver visor = $40
    Dark Smoke Sun sheild = $30
    Orange sun (Fog/clear vision) sheild also available = $30 (never used)

    Please note that these shields do not sport the Australian Standards stickers as they were not purchased in Australia.

    Also available is my HJC IS-16 helmet Large which has done 300klm only and never hit the deck.. no scratches.. comes with un used "Large" cheek pads and also used XL cheek pads.. in the black gold and silver Cycle style.. with clear visor and standard smoke sun shield.
    $150.. (dont expect to sell a second hand helmet .. just thought id stick this out here.)

    PM me if you arent in melbourne to arrange shipping on the visors..
    Come to sat morning practice or other arrangements for Melbourne takers.
  2. No interest in the visors?? summers coming folks.. i know there are a lot if IS -16s around.. and these visors will fit other types of HJC as well..

    Make me a serious offer if im out of the ball park price wise.. :)
  3. Re: HJC HJ-09 RST silver Visor and sunshields SOLD

    All Sold to a big guy with a beautiful bike! :)
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