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Featured HJC Helmet accessories - where to buy?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by DonJuan, May 22, 2015.

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    Last edited: May 22, 2015
    Hi All,

    Hoping a savvy Internet user might be able to assist. I'm looking to buy the following accessories for my HJC IS-17 helmet but I've only been able to find international sellers who don't ship to Aus or require you to spend $300+.

    Anyone know where I can find:
    - Pinlock insert for HJC HJ-20M Visor part number 1112994
    - Chin curtain part number 111367
    - Internal Dark Smoke sun visor HJ-V7

    I've tried searching but the prices I'm seeing I'm almost going to sell the helmet and buy a Shoei.


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  2. Talk to the store you bought it from.
    Most will get regular visits from the company rep that they source from.
    That company might be able to bring them in for you.
  3. AMX should be able to order them for you.
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  4. I would but I bought it as an emergency helmet after dropping/destroying mine in Tassie...
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  5. McLeod is the Australian supplier for HJC.
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  6. Instead of getting the pin lock check out the Fog City inserts or just use shampoo or dish washing liquid to stop your visor fogging.

    Neck/Chin getting cold? - buy a neck sock

    Does't the IS-17 come with the flip down visor? If that's not dark enough for you buy some sunglasses.
  7. Tried the dish washing and it wasn't that great...

    Not bothered about the chin thingy, I already have a neck sock but thought it might prevent some additional fogging as it would stop some more cold air from going up inside the helmet.

    Yep, internal sun visor but I wear prescription glasses and am looking for a simple solution when riding rrather than stopping, undoing my gear, changing specs, repack the tail bag and then get going again. I travel at sunset during my commute so this would be a PITA.

    I've ordered the pinlock and internal visor this morning from my local store... also going to grab some heated grips while I'm there when my stuff comes in.
  8. The dish washing liquid trick didn't work on the original visor of my wifes Shark, but works well on the replacement one. It has always worked on the various HJC and AGV helmets I've owned.

    Oh, don't forget to put some on your glasses too.

    It too wear prescription glasses. Transition lenses are brilliant. 'Convertibles' (clip on tinted lenses for glasses) work well enough.
  9. I'm due for a new set of (ultra expensive) specs soon...
  10. Make sure you have your helmet with you when trying on new specs.
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  11. I have this really lazy thing of putting my Oakleys over top of my prescription glasses! My helmet seems to have enough room, only problem is one arm is broken and digs in a little. If I need to take them off when it's getting dark I just put them in my jacket pocket.

    Do you think the chin thing would cut down on noise? I'm not sure if it's just because I'm new to the speed of a road bike or what, but I can hardly hear my bike over the wind noise.

    And thank you for the suggestion of soap on my glasses! It's a real pain taking off from lights when you can only just tell they've turned green!
  12. If you want to cut down on wind noise use ear plugs. There are plenty of threads around on the subject.

    And, yes it's amazing how much better you can see when you can see - hehehehe