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HJC FS-15 Carbon in Sydney

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Denial, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. I tried on one of these in the Terror print and it was the best fit for my head of any helmet I've ever worn. Unfortunately the Terror version is truly ugly to me, but I read that there is a Carbon version which is similar but even lighter. It's had some great reviews, such as:


    I'd like to buy one I think, does anyone know of any place in Sydney that stocks them? Even better would be somewhere with them at a good price, but I'm probably pushing my luck I guess.
  2. Mcleods Accessories (the distributor) doesn't have the FS-15 carbons listed on their site, so looks like they're not bringing them in (yet?).

    You could always be naughty and get one from the states (like I did ;) )
  3. I contacted them and they think they will have them here late Q1 next year, which is a bit too long a wait for me. Might just buy a non-carbon one I guess.

    How do you find the weight of the carbon compares to the normal version?
  4. Never got a chance to try on the "normal" version of the helmet as I bought the thing from the states a couple months after it was released.

    I am curious though to see how different the weight is.

    I guess if you pester McCleods enough they could bring the carbon versions in earlier.

    I called them once about the Sidi Vortices and they said they would wait until next year to bring them in just to see the market response in the US, but they're already here!