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HJC AC-12/FS-15 Carbon

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by taiheung, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Does anyone have either of these helmets?
    Is the FS-15 even available here?

    To give a bit of insight, I currently own a BMW SportIntegral which is not only quite quiet, even without ear plugs, but is also slightly lighter than the HJC FS-15 Carbon. Note that while the SportIntegral's advertised weight is sub 1,400g - in real life it weighs just over 1,500g. If I had my way - I'd screw both and get a SportIntegral Carbon - 1,000g lid. But enough dreaming...

    I'm thinking that this is my next buy. My existing lid has a warranty issue and I'm thinking of giving something different a go. I've heard good things about this lid, but would like to hear from anyone who owns one. Apparently they've been quite popular. My two biggest concerns are: is it light enough, and is it too noisey? Comfort is very much a yes/no answer depending on individual.

    I've not been too keen on the Shoeis and other brands simply because I've been advised that the ones within my budget (<$800) are all noisey as hell. Also - there's the fact that usually the designs are something random and meaningless - and I'd just rather not, unless there was something exceptional about the lid.

    Any advice appreciated!

  2. Don't have experience of the specific lids you're interested in, but I do like HJCs in general. Which is good because I seem to have an HJC shaped head :grin: .

    My (subjective) opinion is that HJCs have a nicer "feel" to them than similarly priced helmets from other manufacturers. The finish is less "plasticky" and the visors and vents feel more solid and positive in action.

    Then again, MrsB's new Shoei is a very nice bit of kit indeed :) .
  3. Not sure about your specific lid but when my HJC CL15 expires I'll be getting another.
    I just put it on the kitchen scales and it goes about 1.6kg
  4. I have an ac12 but it is my first helmet. Thing is i find with it is that its pretty big. Larger in size than the shoeis and agvs i tried on. Pretty noisy at highway speeds but i feel safe and comfortable in it. Weight wise its around 1.5 kg.
  5. I should have added to my above post that I own 4 jackets and each one generates different levels of noise in my helmet.
    My MotoDry Nitro is the quietest.
    This to me suggests noise depends on more than just the lid its self and what is quiet for me may not be quiet for someone else.
  6. Sorry Tai
    don't mean to high jack your thread, but i was wondering how did you find out the AC 12 was the FS?

    All the model numbers are different, between the UK US and AUS for the same helmet.