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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fastchic, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Hi there, lurking back in the forums after a long break. Finally got a bit of time up my sleeve to do so. Graduated from bikechic to fastchic...lol.
    Good (or perhaps sad) to see some of the same people still about!:angel:

  2. Are you really fast or is that bullshit?

    Welcome back :)
  3. 11.14 @131.4 2nd meet ever and 1st on FZ1 (no mods.)

    2.17 at Phillip Island 1st and only time, on a 600 bandit (that refused to go quicker than 160 down the straight)

    Man nobody else gunna blow my trumpet, im sure proud enuf of those figures to brag about em....and cant wait to better em!

    Are u really a chef who rides nude or is that bullshit?

  4. Hahahaha....I think I'm gunna like you, hope you hang around.

    I'm not a Chef but the rest is all true
  5. Welcome, Please don't hurt me 8-[
  6. Fastchic and Stacker?

    Ride leader and TEC, by the sounds of it.

    Or a TV series. You just need a Pimp/informant named Huggy Bare.

  7. 'Chef' and 'nude' in the same sentence = Naked Chef.
    Oh, and he serves breaky in that 'attire' also (y)
  8. welcome back :)
  9. I think we've scared her off Nickers. This wouldn't be the first time for me, I really must stay out of the welcome threads :-s
  10. No such thing mate. I'd say fastchic is very glad to have 'met' you.

    They always keep coming back for more - they're only human.
  11. chef, i pm'd her your photo, i think shes in China by now and still running :D
  12. Hopefully she's off stroking the 600 to get some top end out of it.

    Bajeezuz that is fast!!
  13. China Goz ? Really ?
    Chef...being in Hong Kong right now, perhaps I could 'catch' up with fastchic... you know, put a good word in for you ;)

    This is becoming one of the most interesting 'welcomes' I've seen in a while...all in fastchic's honour...

    Fastchic, my Hong Kong mobile is +852 9........ :D
  14. pic or it didnt happen lol
  15. hmmm well u aint scared me off, but im wondering!
  16. aaah don't wimp out on us now, you started off so well.
  17. p.s. Goz is not really a chick
  18. Don't listen to Chef. Goz is a chic. And so is brownyy. And I hear they are both desperate, so all you available guys out there, I'd be hitting on them hard. :LOL: