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Hiya from another new member :-)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MrFerret, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. Hiya folks,

    Am new to this forum (HondaGal shamed me into joining after she told me tonight about the lil ride a few of you took up my fave/local Arthurs Seat), but am not new to riding.

    Well sorta .... have only had my latest "toy" since July after being without a bike since '98 for a variety of reasons.

    Have enjoyed getting back into it and have been putting a few "K's" on the ole "ZL1000" as often as I can.

    Anyways, hope to hook up for a ride with ya's soon .......

    Stay upright ( 'cept through the twisty bits) :D

    Cheers ...

  2. Yiasoo
  3. Ello ello!

  4. Heya Birdrockbeachbum :) welcome to netrider. You'll find you'll get a lot more responses on this forum. Hope to see you out there on the blacktop some day
  5. welcome to the forums
    dont forget to check the coffee posts (friday nights) in the rides section .
  6. Welcome to the forums!! :D :D
  7. Welcome Birdrock, but what are you doing up at 3 in the morning? Don't any of you people sleep???
  8. Welcome Birdrock! :D See ya on the road soon 8)

  9. Group Hug! :)
  10. Hi There and welcome , hope you will enjoy being a part of Netrider.

    Cheers and safe riding.

    ST SPRINT 8)
  11. howdy and welcome to here

  12. Thanks for all the "welcome" messages :D

    Yep Foxy ... sure seems to be far more activity in these forums than the other one.

    I'll definately make my way along to the Friday coffee nights, will be goodta meet up with ya's.

    Ya gotta love all the sunny icons in the weather forecast through ta Thursday . woohoo :D :D :D

    Anyways, stay upright ( 'cept through the twisty bits :wink: )

    Cheers .....

  13. welcome aBoard !
  14. Welcome aboard Birdrock gr8 bunch of peeps in here btw are you single?
  15. Hi Birdrock and Welcome!
  16. Thanks for the welcome Bond Girl . yep I'm "single" ...
  17. Just checking!

  18. :shock: Geez Sue, you don't muck around! :shock: :LOL: :p

  19. Howdy birdrock and welcome to the forums :)
  20. Pleased to meetcha Birdrock. Whaat's the story behind the username?