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Hitting Reserve on an XV250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tunaranch, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Hmm... Rode home the other day, and when I filled up with 8.5 litres, I had 236ks on the trip meter. By my calculations, the remaining litre in the tank should be good for around 36ks. Shouldn't I have had hit reserve now?

  2. I too have a virago 250..and according to the owners manual they have a 9.5 ltr tank....I filled up tonight and it took 10.2 ltrs.....I think the servo needs to have its petrol pumps recalibrated.
    I still had about 2 ltrs in the tank when I filled up...it hadnt hit reserve yet!

    I normally hit 270k's before the reseve kicks in..and the most K's I've ever done on a tank..including the reserve is 312kms, but that was in my first week of riding...now I'm fanging her everywhere I go...Im lucky to get 270 before the reserve kicks in:p

    I complained to the console operator, but I doubt anything will get done about it.
  3. 270k's? Impressive. I'll have to try that. Now that I have RACQ ultracare I can call for help on the bike as well, should I run out :D

    I generally ride conservatively.... with the odd fanging if I have clear roads with traffic lights.
  4. *me has memories of tunaranch crouched low over the handlebars, full throttle on, you can do iiiiit!* :)
  5. ^^
    That was an exception :D
  6. 246ks, 8.6L, no reserve.
  7. Along the same line. my ZZ-r250 has an 18L tank. is that 18 plus reserve? 18 inc reserve, and how big is the reserve?
  8. I usually get to around 180- 190 kms before having to switch to reserve on my xv250. when I fill up it never takes more than 7 1/2 ltrs so i havent used much in reserve. According to the manual the tank is 9 1/2 litres total (2 1/2 ltres reserve) which leaves 7 litres for main tank.
    falcon-lord your manual should tell you but usually 18litre tank means total fuel capasity.
    i average 100km per 3liters of juice, and will improve as motor wears in (only done 1,800 odd kms)
  9. Thats 14litres and a 4 litre reserve the same as a GPX250
  10. Ouch... Then the Pumps at the Shell on the corner of Sprinvale and Whithourse are way out, because they said I had put in 17 and a bit. And i had just switched over to reserve...
  11. sounds like they are wayyy out.

    I get roughly 450 km to my gpx less to the ZZR 600. same size tank for both bikes.
  12. I can get about 220 before hitting reserve. I normally fill up at the 200 mark just to be safe. It usually costs about $8 to fil, around the 7l mark. I'm a big guy on a little bike though, so the rest of you should get more.
  13. 257ks, 8.96L. I couldn't hear any sloshing as wiggled the bike around.
  14. Wow, that's pretty good hey :)

    I filled up this morning too (the SV650) - 235k's, 9.87L...
  15. furthest I have gone was 270ish, after filling up, I had about just 1.5L of fuel still in the tank, could of gone 290-300 if I wanted to push the bike home.