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Hitting Birds / Animals

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 2wheelsagain, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Driving the cage to work on friday I come upon a flock of Cockatoos in the middle of the road. These are a reasonable size bird and I'm thinking "how much is this going to cost?" as there is no point in swerving cause one will be cleaned up at least. Anyway I managed to only hit one. Right at eye level on drivers side. Look in mirror and see a cloud of feathers.

    So I get to thinking..... If I was on the bike that would have hurt me or even knocked me off. It was a hell of a hit. I've never hit anything (apart from a tree, but thats another story) on a bike and was wondering how common it is.

    Has anyone here, cleaned up an animal whilst on a motorcycle? What happened? Any damage etc?

    BTW: On way home from Melb Sat night I collected a F&(#*ng Kangaroo! 2 animals in 2 days. Sunday was incident free though.

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  2. i saw a little dog get hit by a car today. i think it died :?
  3. Thank my lucky stars that I have never hit anything whilst riding a bike :grin:

    Worst incident was when I hit a wombat in my car though, lucky I saw it in time that I was able to skid to a reasonable stop before I hit it. Dont know if it lived or died, as it ran off into the bush, but it left a nasty dent in the lower front end :cry:
  4. hit plenty of rabbits feral cats foxes and birds in my county life.

    my family woudl tally up about 20 kangaroos to that list.

    never hit anything larger than a bug on the scooter ;)
  5. matt232 hit a roo... wrote his bike off. and ouchies.

    Even bugs hurt, let alone a roo.
  6. Hit a Galah and a small roo on bikes. The roo was on a xt-250 dirt bike and I pretty much went straight over it. Didn't seem to harm the roo, it got up and hopped away!. No damage to the bike either just a redlined heart rate :grin: . The Galah hit my old ZZR. Busted headlight and screen, cracked fairing. That one really scared the crap out of me, I was shaking all the way home :oops:. Locausts and bees are bad too.


  7. Believe me... it would've lived... there indestructable!
  8. Ran over a possum in my street last year. Had my daughter on the back and it ran right under my wheels. I couldnt miss it. Wee and blood sprayed up over the bike ( lucky its red) and over our shoes. Ruby was absolutely mortified.She blamed me and said I sped up to get it! My court goes up hill then my drive is steep so it ran under me as I was getting up my speed to go up the drive with passenger. I still get reminded of that to this day. The next day I ran over a pigeon, and yes, Ruby was in the car with me. :oops:
  9. Murderer. :(
  10. I had 2 incidents years ago , both on my old XR 600 the 1st was a Gallah in the chest at around 100 kph hurt like hell didnt see it coming the only reason i knew it was a gallah was because of the pink feathers i ended up with in my helmet ..... the second was a medium sized roo , at night at around the same speed it actually hit me on the left side i went over the bars , next thing i remember i was laying on the side of the road with a truckie asking if i was ok , the roo was impailed on my left hand grip , the only injury i recieved was torn ligaments in my wrist and a cracked knee cap ..... the dry old truckie said to me dont worry bout the roo mate he was still alive when i found you but the tyre lever took care of that ..... and the good old XR600 was basically unharmed
  11. Bloody animals........should be banned!
  12. liddonit, you sound just like my daughter.
  13. i've never hit anything worse than a swarm of bees (so far) but my BF has hit a pigeon before while riding - it flew into his chest. it left a big red mark & really frigging hurt!! He was doing about 80 I think.
  14. To the best of my knowledge, the best thing to do if you're gonna hit an animal and you can't avoid it is to hold the bike upright, don't swerve or brake, keep the throttle on and try to relax your control inputs - ie don't hold on to the bars too tightly.

    The bike will hit the "obstacle" and do whatever it's going to do - bounce, jump, deviate to one side or another, self-destruct - but anything you do to try to correct it will make things worse.

    Ride through the hit, let the bike right itself, and then try to get it to a stop. The bike will by its nature try to right itself if it's under throttle and the wheels aren't too badly mangled.

    Several Netriders lately have hit roos etc lately and managed to stay on board and not deck the bike, exposing themselves to further injury. I think the key is to hit the animal with an upright bike and under a bit of throttle rather than on the brakes and mid-swerve where you're much more likely to go down.
  15. I can tell you for certain that an echidna can destroy a tyre.

    Not me, but someone I was riding with hit a dead echidna. multiple punctures.
  16. I do kamakazi stops for animals, I wouldnt for people if it wasnt against the law.
  17. Spot on Loz. And if some tool wants to call me a murderer cause I chose to protect my daughter and not swerve my vehicle/s to save an animal, well then yes, I am!!!
  18. well it had some good cushioning so id hope so :LOL:

    I am not looking forward to encountering a roo while driving/riding :(
  19. Except for wombats. You must avoid wombats at all costs.

    Those things are sugar coated sacks of bricks.

    You seen a dead wombat at the side of the road, after being hit by a truck? The bloody thing is still intact.
  20. Great advice Loz and it should be in the training manuals if it isnt already.