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hitting a stick

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by 123 321, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. went up for my first ride up through the black spur today and all went well and it was pretty quiet on the roads which was good for me however towards the end of the road i was stuck behind a truck and as we came around a corner there was a large stick (about the size of my arm) covering the entire length of my lane.

    I wasn't able to swerve and so hit the stick head on. This actually knocked me up off the bike and i was only holding on by my arms. Pretty scary and painful as i came back i landed on the tank... ouch! Admittedly i was probably travelling to close but lesson learnt.

    long story short although my bike seemed to ride back fine, is there anything that i should look out for or check after hitting something quite violently like i did?
  2. have a look for cuts and embedded debris in your tyres, and dents in your wheel rims.
  3. make sure your tire weights are still there too...

    (you'd know if it they weren't though)
  4. thanks guys, everything seems to be ok.
  5. Check the stick. You probably chipped it.
  6. what time of day were you up there?
    your VTR isnt red is it?
    if so, i saw ya.
    was gonna chase you down :LOL:

    you need to be careful on any roads like this, give yourself enough time to react should there be a stick/branch on the road at any point in time. who knows, you could come round aa corner to find a tree across the road, you're screwed if you're moving.
  7. was up there around 11am, but no unfourtunately that couldn't have been me because mine is black. maybe next time, would been nice to have some company.

    yeah i know, i felt really stupid after it happened as I had realised I had got complacent. I think because i knew i was almost at the end of the spur and i was sitting behind a truck and only travelling at low speeds i begin to relax a bit and not be as focused.