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Hitting a Koala on a group ride

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kingali, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Check out my Vid from the group ride yesterday in the Gippslands:

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  2. Poor stupid bugger.
  3. Glad it walked away. Those critters can really bolt! They can be also really noisy and piss like a fountain.
    Had them in the trees around a house I was at and the first time I noticed one was by the sound of urine gushing down from the tree. House nearly shook from them grunting.
    Still, they are cute critters and if you had injured it then it would count for 10 kittens.
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  4. Man, that video makes me laugh every time I see it HAHAHA...just the slow hit of the poor koala. lol
  5. That video is koality.
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  6. This is the Vid from few bikes back look back at the incident:
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  7. So, after the bike in the first vid had stopped the Blue car hit the anchors and another bike went into it?
  8. poor poor f4i
  9. Guy that hit or brushed the car is ok and bike is ok?
  10. He is all good, but bike not too bad. He rode it home.
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  11. great.
  12. Poor little bugger, not really aware of his surroundings. Hope his/her hind leg is okay as he/she appeared to stumble when he got back on his/her feet.
  13. Maybe netrider needs a kitten kill counter as well as the nod counter
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  14. How much can a Koala Bear
    - soz
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  15. damn...that close to being yummy Koala soup :p

    silly old bear :p
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  16. Glad the koala made it OK. Bugger about the bike though.
  17. LOL all those cars and bikes getting in a mess for a little Koala. I'm glad some people still care about animals :)
    So glad he made it out okay there, could've ended badly.

    The "hit" reminds me of a couple of weeks ago a Kangaroo just came out of nowhere in the middle of Ringwood (very built up suburb for anyone who doesn't know) and every car on the road slowed down but one guy still somehow managed to just slightly hit it. It got tripped up but got back up hopped off.
  18. you guys ride too close together
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  19. That was one lucky koala. And some even luckier riders.
    Nice ebraking by the rider of the white bike in the first vid (y)
    The other riders may want to review their roadcraft.
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