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Hitler loses it over Chev badges on Holdens...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by DRMAT, Jul 2, 2010.

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    I love the Hitler clips but this one had me crying with laughter! Funniest one for ages.

  2. Finally! That's been pissing me off for ages! :rofl:
  3. =D>, nothing worse than chev badges.
  4. Haha :) I never get tired of these hitler parodies.
  5. I concur with die fuhrer. I too would rather drive an Integra than a Chev. :p
  6. What's a "cannon" that they're refering to?
  7. Funniest video I've seen in a while...
  8. A muffler with an oversized tip making it obnoxiously loud.
  9. Check out the next Honda/Lancer/Excel that drives past you for an example.
  10. Do any chicks find that parody particularly amusing? Or is it just a guy thing?
    I didn't think it was THAT hilarious..although I can relate to it.
  11. It's from the movie Downfall. It's an extremely tense scene where Hitler is informed that a counter-attack against the allied forces moving in on Berlin has failed. He then goes nuts and blames everyone and everything, before calming down and admitting defeat.

    To send such a serious scene up by making a parody of such a trivial matter (in this case Chev badges) is devilishly funny in itself, plus you have the observational humour regarding the trivial matter as well.

    The best parody (IMO) was "Hitler rides a Honda" but the bloody film company claimed copyright infringement and it (among others) was removed from Youtube.
  12. I really liked the one about the Vuvuzela ruining the Fifa World Cup. It was spot on, as most of them are =D>
  13. yep the honda one was the best i have seen so far too, still love watching them all =D> and nope not a guy thing my missus finds the honda one extremely funny too
  14. My wife LOL'd at this one.
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    The film company started getting youtube to remove them and hitler got upset when he found out...[URL="
  16. I am so over these repetitive Hitler dubbing clips, the first couple were funny but like any joke it gets old when it's repeated ad nauseum...

    I can only hope the film company removes them all eventually :)
  17. They seem to have had a resurgence lately. I was over them for a while, but you have to acknowledge the place they now have established in the world culture.

    ps. I vote the GS BMW one as the best.
  18. Oh I do...

    It is a well established Internet meme and it's right up there with the earlier 'Crazy Frog' meme and the still going 'Rick Rolling' meme.

    None of that means that they are good things... just well known.
  19. For the AFL fans...

    Hitler loses it over Mark Lecras not making the 2009 AA team. Couldnt seem to find it on youtube ATM though!