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Hitler discovers Victoria's speed camera obsession

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by chillibutton, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Ok so it's cold and wet here in the "Antarctic vortex" as described by the weathermen (and women). So I can't ride and got bored and made this parody...enjoy.

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  2. Bahahaha!

    But Hitler rides a Honda....
  3. Idle hands make the devil's work right?
  4. Yup. I'm currently wreaking some havoc of my own on a little project. :D
  5. You. Are.A.Goose!
    I love the shared glances amongst the minions when "hitler" says about sharing a latte with the ducati riders...lol
    Thanks for the laff Mr :p
  6. haha reminds me of
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  7. Yep, that's the best one. Knew he rode a Honda.
  8. Or this one...just for all the BMW riders on here (GreyBMGreyBM). Nothing like a Bavarian POS...

  9. Haha that's great, I had no idea this existed!
  10. Also lol!
  11. It was a terrible movie but that scene is the gift that keeps on giving!
  12. That tickled.

    Pure gold.
  13. I thought it was a bloody good movie.

    FWIW my favourite hitler parody has nothing to do with motorcycles

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  14. ROFLMAO - gold...
  15. Thanks, I've just worked out what I'm watching tonite!
  16. This thread makes me want to re-watch Downfall, the movie it's self was bloody excellent. Especially the actor who played Adolf Hitler he smashed the role beautifully.
  17. Just seen this.

    Bloody funny, even my wife laughed.
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