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Hithhiking. By truck.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mendy, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. I was just woundering if anyone here has done it before, in general, not just by trucks.
    I'm planing on going to perth next year anyways, and thougth it might be intresting to hitchhike. I love trucks and have done numerous trips in big rigs, but only for a couple of hours at a time.

    I have an erge to travel across Oz (esp the nullabor) and am not sure if I will have a bike at the time I plan on going as I have not made dates yet.
    I was at first thinking of flying, but it's boring and quick !!

    Any thoughts?8-[8-[
  2. Could be done, but there's a new law which forbids truckies from picking up hitchhikers however doesn't mean they don't continue to do it.

    If you can score a lift all the way from Melbourne to Perth that would be ideal. Sus out a few freight companies that do the run and approach a truckie or two that work for the company tell them your intention and see what they say. Good luck.
  3. After some inormative reading on the web, apprently it's illegal in Vic and QLD, but the law isn't exactly black/white.
    I was thinking of contacting companies themselves too. Its only a thought so far, but if it looks doable i will turn it into a plan.
    Thanks for your response.
  4. Foreigners (backpackers/tourists on tight budgets) come to this country and do it all the time so I'd say it's doable. What's your main reason for wanting to do this, is it financial or for the thrill/experience factor?

    Either way follow your heart, lifes too short for regrets. Oh you could train it too as that looks like it'd be fun too but I'd assume it wouldn't be that cheap unless you have a hcc.
  5. considering your a sheila, i think the truckies would want something in return
  6. Just what I was thinking.
    (BTW Your current avatar suits that post perfectly goz...)
  7. "... come to me, my lil pritty ! " (snarl) ;)
  8. Wanna ride on my "sleigh"?
    It's got candy...
  9. Only 5 posts in and the thread deteriorates already!
  10. Defiantly both. I am happy to get a plane ticket, but it to be a little more adventurous than that.

    Some man to man talk (non sexual company) is a favor, Goz:beer::beer: !!
  11. can be done. i had a mate who hitch hiked from gippsland to melbourne, then to canberra, then to the gold coast then back to adelaide and then back to gippsland.

    good summer holiday trip apparently.
  12. i've hitch hiked all over NSW - don't let the fact you're a chick stop you.

    as it's such a big trip, through some very deserted places - i'd approach some companies directly and ask if they'd help out :)
  13. He's a long shot :) - If you know someone that works for a shipping company (or an agency) ask if you can get on a ship going from Melbourne to Perth as a supernumerary.

    I got to Europe for free this way.

    You have to work - cleaning container twistlocks or helping in the kitchen, but it's a great way to travel.

    Edit: (as long as you don't get seasick :))
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  15. I used to 'hitch-hike' nurses and school teachers all over the Northern Territory by air, to the various communities/schools/hospitals.....though a a 'pre-organised' booking, twas still fun having the smell of perfume and a pair of sexy legs (justified - stinking hot weather!) up the front beside me...
    Happy Days !
  16. I considering Hitch-hiking... then I saw the movie "Wolf Creek".

    Never again.
  17. Just make your own pepper spray :) all good
  18. I'm a guy, just by the way.
  19. wow... totally thought you were a chick... i think most of the guys on here do as well :-s
  20. and avatars are tiny - could be a chick with short hair or could be a boyfriend of a girl. meh