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HitAir Motorrad Airbag Jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' at netrider.net.au started by Voz, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Heard about these when searching for a new jacket a few months back.

    Found that www.crashbounce.com in the USA have the best deals and contacted them.

    I needed a 5XL or 6XL as I am a little on the large size. I have a DriRider 6XL and that is a perfect fit.

    The Mottorrad is what I would call an all season mesh jacket which weighs in at about 2.5Kg all up with a 60cc CO2 cartridge fitted.

    The jacket attaches to a lanyard fixed to the bike and needs about 30-35Kg of force to activate the jacket which inflates in about 250ms and slowly deflates over about 3 minutes.

    My only issue with this jacket is the 350 Denier weighted mesh fabric, I really do think it is too light in that area but have been reassured by the US distributor and other online reviews that it offers adequate abrasive protection.

    My total cost was about $550-$600, can't recall exactly but it was cheap as. Delivery was about $60 US Post (about 1 week). Also got an uprated back protector, 4 x 60cc CO2 refills, 3 lanyards and an inner waterproof liner (M size,too small, bummer).

    I am extremely happy with the high quality & value and in particular the excellent customer services and comms from Mike at Crashbounce, he is simply outstanding mm@crashbounce.com

    I have a made a 23 minute Youtube review video, had to go low res due to the duration. I am presently uploading a shorter 7min HD version and will post the URL when it eventually finishes uploading.

  2. those things are ancient technology compared to what's available nowadays with airbags in jackets.
    i can remember when they were trying to flog them of here about 10 years ago, for a lot less money.
  3. Oh, I am rocked.

    What is the more current technology?
  4. Don't be too rocked. Some of the latest stuff with electronic sensors etc. is fearsomely expensive.
  5. try spidi. fastest deployment. expensive yes and no. depends, suits are dear, vests not so much

    that hit air crap is just old self inflating life jackets stuffed into motorcycle jackets.

    i'm still waiting for that giant inflating sphere suit, where you just 'poof' into a big round ball and bounce gently down the road.
  6. Good stuff. Falling off hurts!
  7. I certainly would not characterise it as crap. That appears unduly harsh.

    When I tested the airbag deployment, I found it inflated pretty much instantly. I timed it at about 8-10 frames in a 25 frame per second video, so about 300-400 ms.

    The inflated tubes covered the key areas of my body & neck & were extremely firm and overall I felt as though it would provide more than adequate protection for a fall.

    I get that some other\ brands may have later technology but I think this is a high quality product that looks as though it is fit for the purpose it was designed for.

    I know that the Dianese jacket is about $5000, not sure how much the Spidi is. For about $600 this jacket is IMHO excellent value and I believe that it will save my body from impact injury.