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NSW Hit with $2000+ in Fines for rego

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mcrzly, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. not going to ride without rego again.

  2. life can be hard. You may get lucky and get off.

    You may think the cops weren't fair, but it's not really their job to be fair. As far as they know, you've already been hit for one unreg driving fine and trying to weasel out of another. They've heard every excuse that's in the book and most of the ones that aren't.
  3. I'm sympathetic, but I think you've just cost yourself two grand by being not very smart. Or lucky.

    I don't know how it works in NSW but in Qld there is a one day temp rego thing that you go to transport and apply for, specifically so you can run around and get paperwork and road-worthies and stuff. That won't get you off 'unroadworthy vehicle', because of the bald tyres and indicator and stuff, but it would have saved you a couple of grand in completely unnecessary fines.

    Can I humbly suggest you either call the shop to come and get it on a trailer and fix it, then register it? Or, ring transport and ask them how to do this the right way. Get the names and job titles of the people you spoke to and write them down, along with the time and the date of the call.

    And hello and welcome to the forum.
  4. If you are in NSW you are allowed by law to ride your bike / drive car to the mechanic for the purpose of registration check and repairs for registration as long as you take the shortest route to the palce of repair and then back again or to a RTA office to pay the rego

    Now obviously you didnt pass rego so you were returning the bike from the mechanic

    I have done this many a time myself


    However going to your mates place to fix it does not qualify as it has to be a registered business for the purpose of the repairs
  5. + 1.

    You should get off the first one because you can prove that you had just been to a licenced workshop for the purpose of getting a roadworthy certificate.

    The second time was just silly and there's no way you'll get off that one.
  6. Here in Vic we have an Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) scheme and it avoids so much of the hassle you're now having.

    From memory it can be for asingle day or up to 28 days or something like that.
  7. Does this mean that if you are a mechanic by trade with some tools at home you don't have to pay rego? ;)
  8. Welcome to Netrider.

    I hate to sugar coat it (& I haven't read the other responses), but you are a first class idiot*.

    A simple phone call to the RTA would have saved you $2000.

    For the future: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/unregisteredvehicles/uvp.html

    *Maybe not... Might have been a bit harsh...
  9. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me... you don't get fooled again." ;)
  10. Make sure you get something signed by the shop to demostrate in the first case, you were in the process of getting it registered. I don't think you've got much chance, but cover all bases.

    The fine does seem a bit steep, you can't really get one fine without the other. But I guess if you hurt someone without CTP there will be all hell to pay.
  11. when i was living in brissy you could get a day permit from the QT or RTA. which gave you permission to use your bike unregistered to get from Mechanic shop back to the RTA office. and you where covered... as long it had plates of course...

    think about it now tho a cost to hire a box trailer from your local servo and tow it to the shops might of been a better and cheaper option
  12. couldn't have said it better myself......

    plus you haven't told us any priors you are carrying......
  13. The insurance they are fining you for is CTP. Not your personal comprehensive or third party cover. Those make no difference.
  14. There is an Unregistered Vehicle permit (UVP) in NSW, from memory its $28 + $16 insurance and you can make a defined number of trip within 28 days - details here:


    If you are going to a mates place for repairs/getting trade in values etc or anything that could in anyway be seen as sus by the cops - get a UVP and make it clear what you intend to use it for.

    If you are going to an authorised inspection station make a booking first and get a contact name, its much easier to convince a cop with this info and they can call the centre to verify. Not foolproof but if you think a cop will believe that you are just dropping down to see if they can fit you in without calling first - expect to cop the fine.

    If you decide to leave the service centre without making the necessary repairs there - get them to date and note the time on the "fail" form so you can easily convince the cops again if you get pulled over on the way home.

    If you are going to the RTA make sure you have all the necessary docs with you, pink/blue/green slip rego papers etc, before you leave home. Saying I've forgotten them or something is simply not going to win them over.

    I know some cops can just be twats but just think that every single dumbass that gets pulled over for driving unregistered will claim this lame excuse. Unless you can give them something reasonable to expect that you are not another one of these losers expect it to cost you much more.
  15. Also I should add, under no circumstances draw attention to your self if you are driving unregistered. Indicate for everything, drive 5 kms under the limit, don't filter and put both feet down at a stop sign. Going into a round about in the wrong lane was just idiotic.
  16. Umm what can I say.

    Firstly, you didn't notice the indicator cover was missing and the tyres were below the wear indicator.

    Then when the shop pointed it out you didn't get it fixed.

    On the way home riding an obviously unroadworthy and potentially dangerous bike (tyre wear), you entered a round-a-bout from the wrong lane.

    Then a month later, knowing the inidcator cover was missing and the tyres were bald you took it to a mates place.

    And you think you're unlucky?
  17. Mmm...
    When you can drive unregistered:

    Unregistered light vehicles can be driven in NSW for the purpose of obtaining registration by the most direct or convenient route:

    To the nearest convenient motor registry.
    To the nearest convenient vehicle inspection station or authorised safety check station to determine whether the vehicle complies with the applicable vehicle standards.
    In the course of inspecting or testing the vehicle to determine if it complies with the applicable vehicle standards.
    To the nearest practicable weighbridge to determine the weight of the vehicle.
    From a motor registry or safety check station where the registration of the vehicle has been refused, to the nearest convenient place where necessary repairs can be made or where the vehicle can be garaged, unless a direction has been issued that the vehicle must not be driven before the necessary repairs have been made.
    From an authorised safety check station to the nearest convenient place where necessary repairs or adjustments can be made or where the vehicle can be garaged.
    To the nearest convenient office of a licensed insurer for the purpose of obtaining Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance.
    To the nearest convenient location for any other purpose directly associated with the registration process.
  18. Knowing the tyres were low on tread, and an indicator cover missing, you decided you would take the bike for a rego check.
    Why waste your time and the mechanics time, if there was no chance of it getting passed the first time around, did you expect sympathy and for them to pass it....
  19. All valid points, but the first line states:

    I'd be calling for clarification, me.
  20. first post, going for rego check with low tread & defective indicator, knowingly riding unregistered and busted twice in a month? sounds like troll to me. No one can be the idiotic and unlucky at the same time.