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Hit the tarmac!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rolkus, May 12, 2011.

  1. Well, I did it, my first fall.

    On my way to the dentist on Sydney Road, Coburg. It was pissing down rain, as everyone in Melbourne knew. I had to turn right to a side street, cross one tram-track on my side, and two on the other side.

    I went to turn and BAM, bike slid out from under me - scraped along the road for about 3 meters, threw me off first. Car on the other side stopped about 10 meters away, so that was fine. When I hit the ground I literally punched it in anger. Can't believe I was so stupid.

    I picked up the bike and the couple in the car behind me asked if I was okay, I blamed the tram tracks, but it was entirely my fault. Gave them the thumbs up and they drove off -- the car behind them beeped their horn as I picked my bike up. I turned and gave the the finger and told them to "****in wait".

    Damage along the right side, begging for the front of the body extended to the back of the exhaust, including mirror.

    I composed myself and got back on the bike and went to the dentist. Rode home, angry and frustrated.

    Now I weigh my options up. I am unemployed at the moment, but I will get a quote on repairs, and compare with an insurance claim. Quite a bit of damage, very disappointed in myself.

    Attached are photo's of my poor baby. :(

    EDIT: Forgot to tell of my injuries - having trouble lifting my right leg, don't know if I injured it in the fall, or if I strained too hard picking the bike up. My back is hurt on the right shoulder, hard to reach around, and my elbow is killing me.

    Was supposed to ride to Warrnambool tomorrow, not happening now.

    ((ANYONE know about any good repairers out west, or CBD?))

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  2. sorry to hear mate. Glad you're OK tho. Bloody tram tracks strike again.
  3. Get yourself checked out first mate, the bike can wait. Glad it wasnt more serious. Beeping cager can F themselves, beeping at a fallen rider just to get to work one minute earlier.
  4. Mate sorry to hear it (read it). Glad you are ok. You should have walked over to the cock heads car, pulled him out, dropped him on his ass and dragged him for 5 meters along the road then start beeping at him and tell him to hurry up and get up.
  5. Sorry to hear about your drop, as others have said, get yourself checked out first...
  6. +1

    Hope you're OK.
  7. Sorry to hear mate. The beeping car just reminds us of what we already know - there are plenty of morally self-absorbed people in the world.

    Everybody I've sent to these guys has been happy with all aspects of their service, they're a very straight-up mob: http://www.motorcycle-city.com.au/workshop.html

    But if the damage is only aesthetic, I wouldn't bother.
  8. sorry to hear.. you could of always walked the biker over to the front of his car and waited till he nudged it in frustration then claim it as an acco..! maybe ?

    As everyone said get checked out and eat some neurofen.
  9. Sorry to hear about your bingle Rolkus - it has been fun and games for everyone with the wet weather in Melb this week.

    Is she still riding OK?

  10. Ouch! I can empathise with you on that one - they got me a few months ago too at about 40-50ks an hour. The bike disappeared and I went over the handlebars.

    Lesson learned: always look up ahead at where you are going when cornering... UNLESS you're taking the corner in a two-foot space between two lines of death that will instantly down the bike when you touch them. In that case, it helps to be able to actually see where they are...
  11. Bike is fine, it's cosmetic damage. My miss us asked why I wanted to get it fixed. I just like my ride to look tidy, which it was before this accident. Will get it eventually fixed, bit sore looking at the damage, still angry at myself.

    Still a bit sore today, nothing major. It's the second ZZR250 on the forums to fall in 2 days due to tram tracks.
  12. Hey matey,

    Hope alls well with the bike and of course you?

    I was reading through some of these threads about tram tracks as (I think) i'm the guy you mentioned with the ZZR250 who had a bit of fun with the tracks and the ground.
    I saw your thread and had a read........ then shit myself!! I thought the pics on here were of my bike! I ride the same colour bike as you- which I've been told isn't a very common colour (correct me if I'm wrong, guys!)
    Kinda creepy we should both stack it around the same day!!

    I damaged the left side of mine which is STILL in the shop being fixed (thank God for insurance and those very polite and patient guys at Brighton KAWASAKI for not tellin me to Fark off when I call asking about my bike!)

    As I've mentioned on here, I'll be heading down to the saturday morning 'L's practice that the netrider members organise so I can hopefully stay upright on these damn tram tracks!!!
  13. So got a quote for my damage from Peter Steven's today, which my insurance company Swann recommended: $3550.

    Wow. So I'm yet to hear from my insurance if it's a write off. Can't believe it, wasn't even going 30KMPH! Argh!
  14. Mines the same colour but I bought it pre-damaged..
    What year is it??
  15. It's a 2002
  16. LOL 3 n a half k? ...shit...outta curiosity i scoped it as i've previously found replacement fairing kits for my gpx on ebay...they have fairing kits for the zzr250 for $340 buy it now ...with various colour scheme's available....and mufflers for $170 buy it now...the muffler might be questionable as buying shit from china (not sure what netriders would advise on that) but...the fairings a fairing...there to make your bike look nice n not much else...so the $340 seems more than worth it...even if you can't attach yourself..it'd prob only cost you like $150 area if you took the bike n fairing kit into the shop and asked them to replace the fairing kit with the new one

    something to consider after being quoted $3,550.

    sorry to hear bout the fall...good luck on getting the zzr back into shape
  17. OEM parts prices are ridiculous! I just got quoted over 7 grand for the repair of my Z750! And everything is mostly cosmetic damage! The dealer who is assessing my bike showed me the catalogue of prices directly from the manufacturer. Over 2 grand just for the exhaust!
  18. Ha! what's a few scrapes - its the ride that's important. We all do dumb things. Don't beat yourself up too much, it could have been much worse. Oh, and get yourself checked out by a good chiropractor - far better at sorting the injuries you report than the medical profession. When I was starting out I didn't need wet tram tracks to cause me to drop my bike, just learn from the experience and you'll be right.
  19. #19 Bamm-Bamm, Jul 14, 2011
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    $350 fairings kits usually fit like...well $350 fairings kits. Genuine parts fit 100%. Sure genuine parts aren't cheap but it's something to consider if you want it to look like new rather than an obviously crashed shitter.

    Depending on what's damaged $3550 is not outside of the realm of possibility. With a headlight worth up to $800 and some tanks well over $1000 it doesn't take long to add up.

    Hope you get it sorted and back to good shape soon no matter which way you go.
  20. I also did a double take on this.....PommyDave, although I didn't introduce myself last Saturday I was at the Skills Session and heard of your spill - hopefully the practice helped and good on 'ya for getting out there after the shake up (y)