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hit run- 11.20pm friday 12th

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by GMAN, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. :twisted:
    guys keep a look out for a red XF reg:CLO-635
    THE BASTERD, rameed be from the back on calder freeway ending to MELTON.
    punctured tyre and buckled rim.
    a passer by got the reg for me,however the cops said the the owner was unknown.
    i am so pissed its not funny,it also didnt help with weather conditions last night after work.
    im happy that i didnt put the bike down.
    the young guy who got me the reg was a champ. :(

  2. you have the right to ask that he be charged with leaving the scene of an accident .
    then they will take the rego and try and charge him .
    they can trace the rego but they need to be acting on a charge or lodged complaint.
  3. I drive a red XF but it wasn't me that hit you. Glad to hear you're ok GMAN and hopefully they can nail the bastard.
  4. wtf does owner unkown mean? if the plate is out of reg they go to the last owner of that reg if sold unreg the onus is on last owner to provide details!
  5. mmmmmmmmm I was wondering what owner unknown means too, very strange.

    Must be something in the air with Red ford owners because my old Rangie was hit from behind while parked in Rathdowne St on Friday 12th at 1.00am by someone in a RED EA,EB, Falcon - he also left the scene and kindly left part of his front guard and all of his passenger side door on the road.

    If anyone sees a Red Falcon without a door in Carlton please let me know the rego.

    GMAN you didn't mention any injuries so I imagine that you are ok - that's the good news!


  6. AH HA!!!!!

    A million things have just been explained :-#
  7. GMAN that's un-f*&king-believable!!!

    From what I understand, you were treveling on the freeway at speed and they hit you from behind, buckling your rim and puncturing your tyre? GEEZ you've made a fanastastic effort to stay upright after all that!!!!

    Glad you hear you're ok, but it sucks about the bike, hate to hear about damage to a Blade. Surely the police are looking into it and tracking this person down.

    "Driver Unknown"...hmmmmm.....You're not involved in secret spy business and have created some enemies?
  8. no enemies mate,im still peed of that the cops cant locate the owner!!!!
    i will take the bike into redwing honda 2moro.

    im fine apart from a sore knee which hit the tank and my tacle which also hit the tank :(
  9. unbelievable,
    And the b*stard was probably talking on his phone at the same time too.

    I have a few cop mates, I’ll see if i can find anything out, if i do, i will email you.

    Good to hear you got out of it ok.

  10. You are really lucky gman. Glad to hear you are alright considering what happened.

    It is odd that the police couldn't follow that rego up, unless it was a stolen plate or something. If you've got the rego details, the police should attempt to contact the driver and look at a failing to render assistance charge (although you may also need the details of the person that followed the idiot that hit you). If you want to pursue it further, go down to your local cop shop and ask them what are the options - they should hopefully be happy to tell you them.
  11. you're right. it's not really an answer is it ?

    if i would told that, i would be writing a letter.

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  13. You're assuming that the rego details were legitimate. The offender(s) could have been using fake plates, or plates from a long unregistered vehicle.
  14. i will u guys informed on wats been happening,took the bike into redwing today so i will let u know how much damage.
  15. The main one being I can't afford a decent car and a bike as well, seriously considering losing the big red tank, costs me like $70 to fill the car for around 400km and $17 to fill the bike for around 300km.

    Rego costs around the same but car is 20 year old nearly so maintenance costs are far higher than for the bike.