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Hit n Run this morning

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by thelodger, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Just a shout out to all the Netrider folk living or working in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs.
    I got hit by some low dog this morning and the f..k..r fled the scene.
    It was on the corner of Scorsby rd and Mountain Hwy at around a quarter to eight.
    I am looking for a white Mitsubishi Magna with QLD plates.....if you see this animal could you please note the rego number and contact me at andy@ozfirestorm.com.au
    The Police and I would like to have a "chat" with the driver

  2. Seems to be going around. A mate of mines son was hit and run on his way to school this morning. Lowlife scum
  3. dog act. Are you okay lodger? Hope the son is okay too Dougz :(
  4. Yeah he's ok. Dislocated shoulder. Tough little ****er that one ;)

    Anyway, sorry to threadjack
  5. older or newer magna? beat up ?? what colour is your bike?? might have some obvious paint swapping on it to help with an id.. ill be keeping an eye out..
  6. I travel through that intersection every day and work in the area. Will keep an eye out.
  7. so do i, through that intersection twice a day. (just i don't stop for a cafe lattee)

    what year is the magna and where would there likely be paint damage ?
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  8. The Magna was the 96 to 2003 type and White.
    Rear ended connecting with the r/h pipe.....no paint just red mist.
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  9. I've got a white 2003 Magna. Wasn't me, I promise.
  10. Scum. I live not far from there, will keep an eye out.