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hit n run rear ended me (MT-01)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 3, 2008.


    What a wonderful weekend with the SUPER-DUPER_BIKES!!! awesome, again... i got really sunburnt, pizzled saturday night and slept under a table before going to the race on sunday. All was asolutelyfunkingfantastic until i got rear ended by a P plater in his crappy commodore at the large intersection before going into cranbourne (opposite the cop shop). I didnt have to brake hard to stop for the red light. I was amongst traffic, and there was one bike about 20 metres ahead who had to excellerate hard to get thru the amber. I was prob doing 50-55 kmph, and had P-L-E-N-T-Y of time to slow down to a stop. As form of habit (and having been rear ended TWICE before as a courier in melb) i checked my rearviews to see any aproaching traffic. The sun was low (but not in drivers eyes) so the likelyhood of not being seen was minimal. A young driver failed to stop and struck my MT-01 from behind, with me stationary before the impact, both feet on the ground. I saw him before he saw me, and i knew he wouldent be able to stop (the light had been red for at least 2 seconds) and i even had enough time to check the intersection for cars before giving it a little gas to lessen the impact. Witnesses (on bikes and in a car) said that he only applied brakes after the impact, and the skid marks testified to this. I ended up being thrown into the intersection, but didnt come off, managing to save the bike, only holding on with my now bung wrist, legs and arm splaying out all over the place. I didnt actually get too much of a fright, checked the bike and dropped a u-ey to get up next to the driver who asked if i was OK, before i asked him to pull over up ahead. The car was full, with 2 (hot) girls in the back an a bloke passenger, all who seemed to be on the piss. The driver agreed to pull over up ahead. His car was far worse that my bike, goes to show that a holden will crumple and fold whereas he gave a love-tap to the mighty MT-01!

    A few riders stopped and gave me his REGO and their numbers, thanks guys! Another rider saw the car go up a side street, but when we got there he was gone. Probably pissed and made a runner for it. I wasnt fussed as i had his rego and was happy i was alright.




    I called the police and told them what happened. they said theyed meet me at the BP servo up the road. after waiting 45 mins with the other witnesses who wanted to get home to their families, they called and asked me to go to the station instead. They never asked if i was ok or if i could ride my bike, or if the ambo's were needed. (hmmnnn, CAR vs BIKE, its not usually going to be pretty) I went to the station to make my report, which ended up being some hand written notes less than four lines long, IE my details, make and model of both vehicles, location of accident. He then inspected the bike, saying "aw, its not that bad is it?"... OK.... MT-01, not a cheap bike. BROKEN: rear wheel, plate bracket, chain guard, undertail, rear light, LHS exhaust housing, rear hugger, indicator and brand new Pirelli diablos (thumbs up, mad rubber!)

    He then added insult to injury by telling me there wasnt much he could do apart from charge the driver with "failing to exchange details"... Not "leaving the scene". He said it wasnt serious as there was no-one seriously injured. He said it would have been difrerent if is was CAR vs CAR. That would then be leaving the scene. WTF?? He then said he would "give the driver my number" and if he "wants" to call me and sort it out then we can do it that way. If he doesnt call, then too bad so sad for me. Im stuck with a broken bike and he gets away with a fine and a traffic conviction or whatever the fark they call it, that will never effect him in any way, no demerit point or loss of liscence, nothing. The cop even said he colud fix his car with his insurance if he had any, and was no abliged to fix the bike. W-T-F?????????

    Does anyone know what grounds i have to stand on here? I have no insurance (yeah yeah, boo hoo, tisk tisk) and i have four witnesses who saw it happen, all who agreed that he was WAAAAAAAYYYY too late in his braking, and if i wasnt there then he would have run the red for sure.

    But as always, lets look on the bright side...

    -His crappy car is FARKED... It was blowing radiator steam, and the bonnet was folded nicely. Go the Mighty MT-01!

    -I was going to get a fender eliminator anyway.

    -The bike was rideable, tyre stayed inflated despite massive cuts, and my mangled number plate just so happened to "fall off" on the way home, allowing me to make up for some lost time and vent some angry juice.

    - new rear tyre... means i can smoke this one till it explodes... pirelli diablo with 90% tread, wait for the video.... SMOKIN' BABY!

    -Im ok, and the bike is rideable despite the dint in the rear wheel... Probly get it rolled out.

    -and lastly: i probably saved the driver and his passengers lives by being an obstacle before he went into the intersection, where he could have injured or worse, killed another driver or rider. If he had been drinking or fatigued (there was no other contributing factor here) then he would have been a danger to other road users... he probably took the backstreets home.

    -i have his rego details, car model and make, his aproximate age, description, and his suburb... and have just started watching the UNDERBELLY series... NUFF SAID.
  2. Today Tonight.

    A Current Affair.

    New Idea.

    Should pay for the damage. :)
  3. you've got to be kidding me, I can't believe the cop said that!!

    mate go get some legal advice. the car driver rear ended you
    he must pay.
  4. What the hell. I can't believe this, thats a disgrace.
  5. Mate, You were lucky not to be seriously injured.

    The responce from the police is not good enouigh, I would make a compliaint to the police ombudsman or the commisioner about it and request that it be followed up seriously and professionally .

    You also have all the details and witnesses so a civil claim against the driver would also be a possability .

    Stick up for yourself and fight for your rights mate.... You could save someone's life by doing so .
  6. You're in Victoria right?

    Unless you can prove that he was speeding, then he did nothing wrong, and you can go suck eggs for all they care. It's speeding that kills and causes accidents. NOTHING ELSE!! Didn't you know this?

    If he was doing 25kph over the limit though and hurting no one, THEN he'd be farked.

    Thing is, it's only costing you money, not potential revenue for the govt. They couldn't give a rats arse.
  7. You have to lodge a complaint about the police officer! I had trouble with an officer and the only way to get any help was to go outside his Local Area Command. I tried to get help from his Duty Officer and he was just so condecending towards me.

    I drove an hour to another station and made the complaint there. Problem solved.

    Good luck with it
  8. Glad you are OK Nice, could have been a lot worse. The response of the Cops is very piss poor.

    1. Get a written assessment of the damage by a bike shop.
    2. Write a letter to the cops detailing the accident, witness names etc and ask for contact details of the offending party.
    3. Write a letter of demand to the offending party with a copy of the bike shop repair assessment.


    4. Then hope they will be inclined to pay other wise it is civil action to recover your damages and whenever a lawyer becomes involved costs rise.

    Good Luck, Keep us posted on your progress, I am irritated at the cops response. Quite often by putting it in writing you are forcing them to act whereas making a verbal report they have the opportunity to sweep into the too hard pile.

  9. ftp and fhr :evil:
  10. Call the station.
    Get the details fo the officer you reported teh case to.
    Inform them that you do not want your details given to this individule.
    Demand that his details are recorded and made available to your legal representative.
    And then raise a complaint about the cop.
    They should be throwing the book at the driver.
  11. is there a possibility of getting his details? or a legal rep getting them so i can foreward letters ect? I'll be nice and reasonable and fingers crossed no dramas, and i'll see how it goes... The cop also said that if we sort it out between me and the driver, he can drop the charges if he pays for the bike as an incentive... so he pays for my damage and is still out on the road scott free to kill other people... sounds a bit suss.... im guessing there is a time limit on how long i can wait to press charges? if not, then he can pay the damages, and then, with cash in hand i'll charge him.
  12. That is a DISGRACE !!!
    WTF was the Cop thinking?
    I'd chase it up
  13. Thats sh!t!
    cops wonder why they get no respect, its cause of actions like these.
    Note - next time you get hit. Lie on the road till someone comes, I hope they chop of that young blokes nuts.

    You need the drivers details and as said previously send a letter of demand to them.
  14. ........beginning to feel a little better bout this now..........
  15. This is why it's imperative to call an ambulance if you get hit. Say your wrist might be broken or something. Police are then forced to attend and if the driver fcuks off it's "leaving the scene."
  16. Glad you are ok, very lucky.

    You said yourself the MT01 isn't a cheap bike, so why ride it with no insurance?? If you find your driver, and he has no insurance, no money, no job, and no assets, then boo hoo tisk tisk will be all you will be saying when you get $50 a week from him for 10 years. You run the risk of no insurance, you wear the loss, pretty simple.
    Main thing is you are ok thankfully.

  17. What a load of shit. Even if he had fully comp, there is no guarantee that the insurance would take care of everything for him anyway. I know this because mine didn't when I was rear ended. The cops gave me the same bullshit attitude too.

    Good luck with hunting this guy down and selling his body parts to pay for the damage to your bike.
  18. There are two schools or argument in this scenario, and all of you riders should make up your mind about your action plan if you're involved in an accident where it isn't your fault:

    Some riders:

    1) Believe that to unneccessarily tie up an ambulance crew is to endanger the life of another person who might need it more. They do not call an ambulance, or accept a ride to hospital if they do not feel it is necessary - and sort things out privately or go home / whatever.

    2) Know that to get in an ambulance means an automatic charge for the other driver, Cops to arrange for your bike to be towed [or you can get a mate to ride it home fro you], and a very clear and automatic trail of paperwork that virtually predetermines the fault of the other part with loads of supporting documentation.

    It's a moral dilemna because there is an undetermined risk to someone else who may need an ambulance... but if you don't have comp insurance with a company who can go chase down these sorts of arseholes for you, then use the system to f*&% someone else instead of letting the system f*&% you.

    All you have to do is park your bike, get off, lie own and tell anyone who comes near you not to touch you because your neck hurts and you want an ambulance.

    nice2bnaked - if you don't get any satisfaction out of this [and I don't think you will... small claims court is a waste of time on someone who won't show / doesn't have the money to pay anyway - especially if it's a small amount of damage] - put all the details you have on the arsehole up here... if he was down there for supers he may be part of the motorcycling community - otherwise, some of us can strap on the Internet Detective hat and try to dig up some extra detail on this kind of scum.

    Good luck.
  19. if you supply me the details ill try and dig the scum bag up :wink:

    Thats F&*KN bullshit of the cops though.
  20. You should stop using cheap arsed insurers, no insurer in the land would deny a claim where you were stationary and hit from behind, particularly as the OP said he has the details of several witnesses.