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hit from behind in westgarth.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by slowmark, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. hello.
    i just wanted to vent about being hit about 3 weeks ago in westgarth.
    i was waiting at the railway crossing in westgarth about 5ish when a woman in a red sporty car run up the back of me, witnesses reckon she was doing 50 or 60 kays at impact. i can remember doing a last second head check to make sure the car was slowing down, and then realising that the car was about 2 metres behind me moving at speed.
    oh farrrrkkk.
    i was thrown back onto her car, and then from there catapulted down the road.(i knew this wasnt the end, as i had no flashbacks, but i did have the sensation that humans are not meant to fly!).
    i stood up right away, and inbetween a million f and c words was screaming that my back really hurt, and as i was standing there a train come through the railway crossing, narrowly missing me, as i was still completely oblivious to where i was.
    double farrrrk!
    anyway, a hurried phonecall to my girlfriend something like :'dont freak out, but i've just been hit by a car and i have to goto hospital'.
    i didn't leave hospital til the next day, until the doctors had xrayed all my head and spine, ct scanned all my organs, taken blood for the tac and police blardy blah blah. (not to mention one of the nurses had a googly eye, and after she gave me some painkillers i kept remarking that i couldn't tell if she was looking me in my eye or staring at my crotch!)
    i've thought this scenario over so many times, and cannot come up with something else i couldve done. It was a railway crossing, barrier down, dinging bells and blinking lights etc. i was the only one waiting at the crossing. if i was in a queue of traffic i know i couldve ducked to the side had i seen her, but being at a railway crossing i'm not about to accelerate out of the wayof a car only to be munted by a train!
    2 things did save my spine, and probably my life too.
    the 1st is good gear. i was wearing gloves, helmet and a good leather jacket,complete with all the body armour. The car hit me hard enough to split the back armour into 3 pieces, and 6 hours later i still had an imprint of the foam and back armour in my back. it cost me 200 big ones for the dainese armour.
    the 2nd is harder to explain. Basically when i knew i was gonna be hit i relaxed. This is only the result of a lifetime of tai chi, yoga and meditation practice. When i realised i would be hit, i just let go of the handlebars and breathed out.
    They say the human body can withstand alot more blunt trauma if you are relaxed as your body is more pliable and bendy. it's also the same reason why drunks who crash their car often escape unscathed, while the drunks friends who braced for the impact get severe trauma.
    So anyway, i'm not gonna preach about wearing gear or anything, everyone is free to make their own choices but i just wanted to share my story.
    the important thing to remember is, i'm still here.

  2. That is incredibly strange.

    The only explanation I can come up with is she mustn've seen you and was just pulling up the line.

    However, you said she was still travelling at 60ish.

    If I was you, i'd be heading to a lawyer to find out my legal position in regards to sueing.

    Good to hear you are alright.
  3. Bloody female drivers !!!! (Please excuse my frustration - not meant to be a generalisation)...
    Mate, soooooo glad to hear you are indeed still with us... that is some freaky stuff ! It's great to hear that you survived to tell of this horrific experience, however I personally believe after surviving something like this, YOU should be the advertising ambassador of each individual item of protective gear you had on that day, which clearly saved your life !!!
    Good to see your analysis of the situation and hear of your associated humour in describing 'Sister Googly-Eye'. Legendary stuff, mate (y)

    Of less importance - what was the outcome/condition of that @*&^% (!!!) woman who hit you ?!! Agree with modern_ninja.

    Thank you sincerely for sharing that story with us all.
  4. Holy shit man. I hate these stories. With a passion!

    So glad to hear you're still walking and talking bro. She should have her license revoked immediately do not pass go do not collect $200. The end.
  5. Good to hear your gear saved you. Let us know how it all works out for you.
  6. Farquen elle ! Glad you're still with us Mark. You nearly weren't. Whether it was gear or the Tia Chi or Feng Shui or Mah Jong - it worked. Light some incense, man. Whoever the little buggers are, they deserve it. You kitten count is hereby reduced by 25.
  7. Fumb duck slapper!
    I'm going to tip she calls SMIDSY and she cops a decent serve of reckless driving at the very least, not that criminal charges bring much satisfaction (I could explain but it's boring) the only thing that does is being able to look in the mirror each day.
    Glad to hear that you have the ultimate in happy endings - you're still with us.
  8. First, I too am glad you're up and about with no major injuries.

    But I do have one question here. A bike is what, 1.5m from front to back? If you weren't there, what the **** was she going to do, run right through the barriers!? This is the bit that confuses me the most.
  9. I got hit from behind once, but I have no recollection. The police did their investigation, but no witness and never found the driver. Glad your ok. It fuked me up for a bit, mentally and physcially. At least you can claim damages!!!

    Nice that you could call your GF too. I didn't get that chance, the social worker at the hospital took my phone and I had to tell her what people to call. It fuked me off a bit cause that just stresses people out. My family, my wife and a few friends all appeared at the hospital all stressed when the only damage was some mild concussion and lots of abrasions. Of course people see blood and think the worst. All I wanted the was my wife.

    Funny bit was, they rang my boss (now business partner) and he asked if any damage to me. The social worker said my face is pretty banged up, his response was 'thats ok, it was pretty bad before and could do with some improvement'!
  10. Bad news Mark, I am glad you are OK,. You were in a classic case of between a rock and a hard place. Everyone says leave yourself an escape path, watch your mirrors, stay in gear but if you have nowhere to go its all pointless. :(
  11. Fark. This made me angry and sad (at how easily it could have ended differently with the train). Getting thrown into the path of a train is ****ed up. What happens to the driver now? Did the train stop?
  12. :rofl: Bloody friends eh?
  13. With all respect mate, you could have been looking behind/in mirrors constantly to see if vehicles behind were slowing. If not leave the bike and get the hell out of there. Bikes are replaceable.

    glad you're healing dude
  14. i'm sure he would have if he could have Lilley.
    but unfortunately he was'nt carrying his magical stop watch that stops time itself.

    she was probably texting or browsing facebook and not glancing at the road ahead often enough.
    i could speculate she did look up at the last instant but no way to stop in time.
    if the rider did manage to get to one side, who's to know if that's the side she'd swerve to avoid.

    i am sorry to hear Mark,
    if you find yourself dwelling on it too much, think happy thoughts about the new bike you"ll get.
  15. Mark, you didn't mention the driver's reaction - did she take responsibility for what happened?

  16. Did you get the cops involved? Was she charged? Get all her details?

    I hope this goes the right way for you - new bike, satisfaction the idiot will be punished and new gear.
  17. This is the one thing I'm guilty of not doing. I do do it but very rarely. Usually I'm in neutral sitting up. It's a bad habit born from heavy clutched bikes.

    In general level crossing are renown for being completely missed. they are unusual in this day and age and even regular commuters often miss them when they activate because they usually go straight through them.
  18. sounds like she should be thanking you from preventing her ending up under the train
  19. Wowza, what a story! Glad to hear you're okay.

    While others might be able to do it I can never imagine being able to accurately judge the speed of a vehicle behind me or whether or not the driver is paying attention.
  20. Good to hear you're all right and that you've still got your sense of humour! (Maybe the nurse wasn't boss-eyed. You were on the meds after all.)

    You're story is making me think seriously about upgrading the armour in my jacket (it's only HD foam). Yours does sound as if its one of the reasons you're still walking. I've got a back brace I inherited, but it's uncomfortable, ungainly, and for knocking around town, I hardly ever use it. Food for thought...