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Hit by a car

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tomohawk, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Well the subject line pretty much sums it up. On the way home from work last night I was riding down Church St, Richmond and a guy in a BMW pulls out in front of me. I saw him at the stop sign and was thinking "Don't you fcuking pull out..." and covering the brake in anticipation (fortunate, that). He pulled out, i brake hard, but still slam into the side of his bonnet at about 30ish km/h. I fly over his bonnet and land on the road on my back in front of a row of cars, the bike is under his front wheel.

    Fortunately, I'm not injured, just understandably sore. Now for the important bit..... I actually managed to ride the bike home (about a km), but I'm kind of hoping the frame is bent as a write off would be so much easier.... but i would be surprised if it gets written off for a fairly small impact.
  2. You would be surprised how much damage a small impact like that can do.

    Did the police attend ?
    Was an ambulance called ? If not, get yourself checked out TODAY!
    it may take days for any injury's to surface.
  3. Glad to hear that you are ok.

    Are there any dints or gouges out of the frame? Normaly if there is any frame damage they will write them off.
  4. I'm glad you hit a BMW, that pr1ck will have insurance to pay for aaall your needs. Don't forget to include all new gear in the claim. Like Bob said, get yourself checked out just in case.
  5. Mate, bad luck and good luck.
    I hope plod attended as he should be charged with failing to give way.
    You should be right with insurance. Sort out your side of it today and they will contact his mob.
  6. I was silly not to have the police attend, but at the time I was a bit too frazzled to think of that. I didn't even get his phone number or insurance company! I have his full driver's license details etc though, so I'll go knock on his front door today to get a phone number and which insurance company he's with.

    He wasn't a prick about it, and his wife was in the car and she was saying she's a scooter rider so she understands what it's like on the road, and that there would be no trouble on their side when it came to claiming the costs etc.

    Only new gear I will need is a helmet. It superficially looks ok, but is scratched up, and since I'm not paying, I'm not risking it!

    No prizes for guessing what he said "I didn't see you there, mate!"
  7. Glad to hear you're OK mate, but do yourself a favor and get checked out.
    10 points on it being a BMW with a scooter rider as passenger. :wink:

    Something I do in that situation is to do a little slalom .. a moving headlamp is more noticeable than a stationary one ( no guarrantees the idiots will see you tho ) :roll:
    Hope everything gets resolved quickly and painlessly.
  8. Good to see you're ok!

    I just had the same kind of fun early last week, though with a snap u-turner. Frame basically snapped into two, so that wrote the bike off.

    I was asked if I wanted the ambo, I said yes even though I was walking around with a sore back and nothing broken as far as bones went. That brings in the ambo, firies, and the police. Makes things a lot easier when it comes to insurance having the police take statements and details on the spot.

    The guy in the car was pretty good about it all though.
  9. You should still report it to the cops - then if anything crops up you are covered by the TAC. Makes it better if he gets nasty over the insurance too.
  10. Commiserations for the off mate.

    Glad to hear nothing too serious.

    +1 the get checked and police reports. You will need one for any TAC claims.

    So, did you manage to fit in a quarter turn half pike? :grin:
  11. yeah good to see your ok bud.
    same thing happened to me on tuesday night coming home from work.i had the brakes set up and just had this feeling the prick would pull out,so he did.and quite deliberate i thought.first e-braking for a while.

    remember to keep your brakes covered when approaching situations like this as drivers usually fail to dissapoint you when you think they might do something stupid :wink:
  12. 30km/h into the side of a car? Definite write-off potential. Wrote off my Bandit after a 10km/h slide, $6600 repair quote.
  13. All the bad ones say that to, and then deny everything later when it's too late to get witness statements or any other evidence, which you didn't think you needed at the time.

    Even the good people go home and change their mind after thinking about it sometimes. Then others are at the mercy of their insurance company, and can't insist it was their fault.

    Once you knew you weren't going to be run over, you should have stayed on the ground and said "Yes please" when asked if you wanted an ambulance. (Despite the current excessive work load for the ambos, and the risk of pulling one away from something more important.)
  14. i have also gotten hit by a car a few months ago. not fun at all. bike was off the road for 2 months. no thanks to the useless pricks who were repairing my bike.

    anyway claim for every little thing possible. ur not paying for it so who cares :p I got a nice new fairing and a fresh lick of paint for my bike :D

    P.S Glad to hear u walked away from it unscaved
  15. Good to hear your all right, I'd still go to the doctor though just to be on the safe side. Maybe medical costs for the checkup are covered by insurance?
  16. TAC will cover it. (Just as well that you are in vic... and pay $300 odd for the service)

  17. Well I have a witness contact, AND video surveillance of it (happened out side the bottle shop north of the copshop on Church St) so they can't really deny it.

    Had a proper look at the bike today, frame is pretty dented where it landed, and the radiator is F*CKED ( blades crushes, and appears to have been dripping coolant onto the footpath all night....) Sounds like write-off material to me :) YAY bike shopping :D

    Helmet is slightly damaged, but even if the insurance won't pay for it, he will be ;)

    I'll be knocking on his door tomorrow to get his insurance details, then heading to the cop shop to make the report, then calling Swann insurance to organise it :)

    So people, I'm thinking 08 Hornet 600....
  18. ........
  19. Cops usually don't give a shit and could tell you to sort it out yourself, they might ask if you got her details and tell you what questions to ask her and your insurance company. They only attend if they need to speak on someones behalf (if you hit someone car and the owner isn't there) or if someone is seriously hurt. Pricks.

    If you have full comprehensive tell your insurance company and they will do all the ringing around to the driver and their insurer.

    Maybe get the sledge hammer out, or crow bar and bend the frame up a little more. :wink: just to make sure you get a newie.
  20. In WA where I grew up any accident where the damage came to more than $1000 it was a legal requirement to file a police report. Apparently not here in Victoria....

    LOL as much as the beating up of the bike sounds like a wonderful idea, surely the assessor would be able to tell the damage wasn't consistent with the accident :p