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Hit by a car on the way to BP servo

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by buznbye, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. ok so this isnt a bike vent but anyway

    i also do alot of aggressive roller blading, skate parks etc
    so im heading down to the BP
    ofcourse looking out for any idiots on the roads

    so im standing at a driveway ready to cross a street and theres a guy in a cager
    acknowledges im wanting to cross the road and cos theres a red light no more then 50m in his direction he waves me through, while he's still rolling so i thought it was safe

    the asshole then decides to flatten it
    here i am finding myself barrel rolling over his bonnet as it was the only alternative i had other then going under his damn car

    managed to land on my wheels and quickly scooted off to the BP driveway and took cover behind a hydrant type box

    dickhead then runs a red light

    didnt get his plates or anything, BP cameras were facing the other direction

    this kinda crap makes me not want to ride anything other then a 2tonn 4 wheel machine ;s
  2. Most security cams face in all directions. Not much point of them if they didn't.
  3. did he recognise you? sure you didnt sleep with his wife or something? :wink:
  4. I wonder if he was another of those people who complained to google about thier searches being censored...accidents do happen.
  5. You are but young still, and innocent in the ways of idiot motorists ..........

    Now pay attention, I'm only going to say this once ...........

    Everyone else on the roads is out to kill you!

    If you start with that basic premise every time you go out be it walking, rollerblading, cycling, riding or driving - you will find life becomes much simpler (and safer).
  6. Mate you shouldn't rollerblade. It's really dangerous.
  7. Tongue in cheek there, but my left leg has been badly broken twice, once doing twice the recommended speed around a corner on my RZ250 back in the day, and once rollerblading calmly along in a park in the sunshine. ;)
  8. I didn't even realise that rollerblades still existed.

    Sounds like that guy was playing Grand Theft Auto.
  9. yeah they do
    we are a dying breed

    as for this doosh bag i have no idea who he was
    i'd say he was in his mid to late 30's
    kinda ruffie looking
    old xb ford or something similar

    the bp faces a strange direction, thus where i was is kind of at the back of it but a main entrance so no cameras are even close

    i felt fine when it happen, wasnt sore or anything but have woken up this morning n have quite some pain in my leg and back so ill be off to the doc this morning

  10. This is not legal advice, but I'd be posting a classified in the local paper; "Did you witness...... ..... at ...... on ...... ?" etc etc. If it turns out that you have injuries, and perhaps long-term problems, this idiot should be called to account for them :evil:

    That is, assuming camoridz isn't correct :rofl:

    atropos, spot on, mate; trust no-one, and even when you've checked and the way is clear, wait anyway .......