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Hit by a car? Get the number plate on the way down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by generalyuehfei, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. Riding into work this morning I stopped for this guy sitting on the concrete barrier with his bike on the side stand. Some cager in a red Mazda changes lanes suddenly and knocks him off. Bike unrideable because the oil cap got smashed.

    After the cager paid him this favour, he keeps driving away! There were witnesses though and I am not certain whether the number plate has been seen. The rider certainly didn't know and was still in shock 10 mins after the event.

    Just pisses you off
  2. i can relate to that,it happened to me in 2004,bloody car drivers!!!!!!!!
  3. Well that is a hit and run, if they can find the driver then the driver is screwed
  4. Another hit and run thread...I hate seeing these threads and how drivers think they can get away with it.

    Hopefully this driver doesn't get away with it.
  5. Any more infomation on time and place?
  6. was talking to a guy years ago who got hit by a old kingswood.
    He woke up in hospital with a cop at the foot of the bed. THe cop asked about the accident.. Turned out the other car hadnt stopped.
    He told him the little he could remember and the cop took some note s then turned to go.

    THis bloke said "don't you want the rego" The cop just stared and said "your kidding" Turned out the reg was stuck in his mind.

    WHen the police went around they found the guy juat firing up a spray guy. Very cool
  7. East on the M5 just before the Bexley rd exit @ approx 7:45am right hand most lane. The fact that the driver kept going needs you to believe that the rider was in the right although of course we always come off second best despite who is in the right.
  8. gees that bad news
    i hope they find the tosser
  9. In '02 I was knocked down by a white van in Melb CBD. Very low speed and no injury, but I was pinned under the bike for a while. The pr*ck tried to drive OVER the bike(while I'm still under it :shock:) to get away before he had to face the consequences.
    Fortunately, a lady pedestrian jumped in front of his van (Tiananmen Square style - very brave I thought!) and made him stop and render assistance. She also wrote down his rego, and her own phone no. as a witness for me. Later found out he had no insurance, which somewhat explained his behaviour. Sooner we get compulsory third party property, the better.
  10. Who was in the right becomes irelivent as soon as someone leaves teh scene of the accident without stopping to exchange details and contacting emergency services if someone was injured.
    If they leave teh scene before this it is a hit and run, and they are screwed.
  11. only if they can be identified, and unfortunately in the case of bike collisions, i have a feeling that this is a very small portion, particularly in those cases where a cage caused an incident (even if they didn't contact) and the other vehicle (car or bike) went straight to the scene of the accident trying to avoid them.
  12. This is very true, finding them is an issue. Also when no actual collision occures but you are forced to perform emergency actions that cause you to drop the bike where does blame and expence lie? It could be said you didn't have teh skill to handle your equiptment, though I personaly believe that is a load of fettid dingos kidneys. If you avoid a collision that would have been someone elses fault and in doing so they should think them selves lucky they only have to covert your bike and not there car as well (But this is my personal opinion). What does the law have to say on the matter

    Does any one know?
  13. Been riding west a few times on that road, close to that time, and there would be heaps of cars on the road heading into town :shock:

    Someone surely got the details.

    Hope those cameras do something worthwhile for the rider
  14. Due to privacy laws, the Toll Co. is in no position to surrender any information that it has recorded.

    If the investigating Police think that the area might be covered by a surveilance camera then they have the ability to subpoena the footage that the surveilance equipment may have captured.
  15. but for coppers this is more paper work and they are likely to say there was none?

    either way was the rider ok

    look out for each other out there guys no-one else will