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Hit by a can

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gowron, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. I was out riding last night when 3 teenagers threw a can at me and it hit me. I was going to go back and beat the living crap out of em but then i thought what if one pushes my bike over.

    WHat would you do if this happend to you.

    It was really bad ive only been riding for 2 weeks.
  2. Report them and/or light them on fire.
  3. Definatly report them. Number plate and all.
  4. So you weren't riding at the time? parked?

    They threw it at you for no reason?

    I think they gave you the can so you could shove it down their throats!
  5. Teach them that carbon hurts more than aluminium.

  6. I was riding at the time and they were just walking on the street but what worried me is that one would run over to my bike and ti[ it over
  7. We're the teens just walking along the side of the road or in a car?

    Either way, go up a little further, stop, scoop up a handful of gravel in your left hand, then go back past at speed and fling it in their direction.

    Of course, hindsights a wonderful thing.

    And of course, there is the risk of blinding them...but then there was the risk of you coming off your bike when you had a projectile flung in your direction.
  8. The EPA is great, just give them the numberplate and the time/location of the incident and they'll send them a nice fine in the mail for littering. Either that or you can just hope to find the car parked unattended somewhere...:twisted:
  9. My boyfriend says "it's always worth going back just to hear the sickly pop of helmet on skull. And there's nothing wrong with a ride by attack"

    I say - it's moments like this that make me wish I carried a small extendable lance I could run them through with
  10. The gravel idea is great, in hindsight I think that would be much much better than my previous idea of punching them :)

  11. maybe we should all have cameras hooked up to our bikes... long as u know the area, get them on camera...

    you could have turned around... ridden up to them... (so the camera is pointing at them...
    they'd probably throw something else at you...

    the perfect crime... (or so they think!)

    wonder how hard it'd be...
  12. Iv'e often thought about this sort of thing happening nearly everytime I ride past a bunch of teenagers , maybe we should buy tazers then just ride back past and zap them .... :LOL:
  13. I've had a drunk moron joust with my in the middle of the road. That wasn't much fun as i was rather concerned he was going to attempt to grab onto my arm or something idiotic. Some people are just morons.

    In all honesty, i would've gone back - stopped (on the bike) and flupped up the visor and given them a mouthful.
  14. Gah it is just unbelivable people woould do such stupid things.
    I could understand if you rode past and splashed them with a puddle purposly or something but from what i can gather it was a completely unprovoked attack. It just boggles the mind how teenagers can be so unruely and inconsiderate these days.
  15. You could always go back and barrel down the footpath at them at 100 clicks. Nar better not. That might be deemed as "assault"! Arsewipes!!
  16. Why not call 000 and report them to the police?

    Maybe, just maybe, they can be convinced to take a drive by to see if they are still in the area, chances are you weren't the first, nor were you the last person/vehicle that they discharged a missle at.
  17. Try ringing the terrorist hotline - say that you saw some "suspicious looking youths" hurling an object that looked like it "may have been a homemade explosive device" (you don't know what might have been in the can after all). Then see how fast they act (even better if it was near a Commonwealth Games venue) :LOL:.
  18. Why lower yourself to their level????????
  19. Hard to imagine having the strength to resist force feeding one of them my helmet - i have also thought about hvaing to defend myself while on the bike, i think the answer is lay it down on the grass when you get off it.

    I think calling the cops would be the most sensible solution...
  20. And if you do it on a mobile from 50 meters up the road while keeping an eye on them, and can say to the cops this is where they are what they are doing and what they look like. then you will get better responce.

    And just for good measure say you think you saw one swinging something that looked like a butterfly knife around.

    As soon as teh cops get the idea a prescribed weapon is around they swarm like locusts.