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Hit by a cager test riding a bike, arrgghh.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Voz, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Took a Piaggio X8 250ie scooter for a test ride today, looking for a scoot for my son. I just got off my Tmax 500 and was looking forward to feeling how another scooter rode.

    At the end of the 5 min test ride I pulled up next to the owner and about 2M behind a car that had stopped on the road. Next thing I know the car slams into reverse and clobbers me!

    I got about .5 sec warning so released the brakes and the bike jumped back a few feet.

    Can you believe it, right in front of the owner! And of course the cager wants to blame me. In what universe?

    Looks like there was only superficial damage to the front mudguard but I guess he will need to get the front end checked out. We swapped license details.

    My first ever bike incident, thank god it was a soft one.
  2. First: I read the topic as if there was a cager / potential new rider, test riding a bike and he somehow ran into you on your bike!

    Second: that is lame as hell, glad you're ok and double glad you had a witness. Hope the cager sees sense and cops to the fault with the insurance company....

  3. It was a reasonably low impact shunt but quite a shcok.

    The cager was pretty reasonable after they realised that they were clearly at fault.

    The poor owner was in total shock.

    I felt like a bit of a bastard myself as I rode off after the test ride.

    Tricky situation.

  4. So...not a "bike", then?
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  5. Owner will have to make the claim won't he? At least you were a witness.
    Glad you are ok. It could have been much worse.
  6. Lol, funny how many times I get laughed at when I say "I ride a bike" and people find out it is a scooter.

    I reckon my Tmax 500 is more bike than scooter anyway. Probably more bike than some bikes actually..........
  7. The owner has rung me to ask if I will be buying it, if I can negotiate a good price should I take the risk?

    The impact was probs about 10km/h and she touched the brake as soon as she realised she had hit something.

    The front looks ok to the untrained eye.

  8. Anyone riding a 250cc bike that wants to laugh at your scooter should be required to drag race it.
  9. That's a really difficult situation until you know the real extent of the damage. I figure you have the jump because you know how the damage happened and have thought the front end should be checked out. If you had sighted the bike after the accident then the accident could have ranged from a really minor bump to a more severe impact that could have caused damage elsewhere. You might not have bothered to get it checked first.

    Does the bike have a RWC? Even if it does I'd offer to get a new RWC or an assessment just to check out if there is any other front end damage.
    If you do get the bike will you have any legal right to chase the cage driver for the damaged guard (assuming that's all that is damaged)?
    Might you just leave the damage (if it is only the guard) or replace it yourself?

    There may be a tendancy to feel guilt here since you were riding it when it happened. It wasn't your fault.
    From the sellers perspective he now has a bike that might be worth less than before you test rode it and it might not be worth his while or the hassle to get the damage fixed.
  10. Yes, I too would laugh at you. (Just being honest.)
  11. funnier still, that you pranged someone elses scooter and then politely exited the scene.

    ...umm no, i don't think i want to buy it now
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  12. Is it still advertised as 'never involved in an accident'?
  13. Yeah, it's kind of like farting a good chunky one as you exit an elevator on the ground floor in peak hour.
  14. Dude, it's a bike... it's just not a motorcycle.
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  15. Actually, it is.
  16. Well, technically, yes it is. It has two wheels, it is rideable and it is powered by a motor.
    But come on. It's not a real motorcycle. Still, nothing wrong with a scooter if that's your thing. They're actually a lot more practical than proper motorcycles.
    But my sig is still staying the way it is.
  17. Not my taste, but I can see why people like them. But kind of like the people who call their Honda crv a 4wd...

    Honestly, if the scoot was what you were after and the price was in the neighbourhood of what you were thinking of paying, why not tell the guy you might still be interested pending a mechanical report.
  18. Yeah...a homotorcycle, as Jeremy Clarkson would say.
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  19. You're the one with Rainbow in their name

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  20. IDK why you assume that rainbows, historically a Judeo-Christian symbol, have anything to do with fags. For me, the username is based on my favourite videogame series.