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Hit and Run

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Onlyoneman, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    New to the site figured id post my story.

    So 2 years ago i got my L's and a small ZZR250 with a helmet jacket and some gloves. I rode for about 6 months i was honestly loving it. I went out one afternoon to ride around my area, just to get that feeling (you all know it). Anyway I'm coming up on a T section and i turn slowly since the street im turning into has a very sharp curve and i cant see cars coming from the other side.

    So imagine suburb street cars parked either side and 1 line each way. I come up on the turn doing about 25 due to the fact i just turned into the road. Suddenly i see a white station wagon barreling around the corner and on my side my the road because there isnt a lot of room to speed around this corner. I was new so i freaked, jumped on the front breaks and locked up going left, he cuts right my front Tyre hits his read end. My bike goes from under me and i go over and to the side of his car... Alot was a blur but what i do remember most is as i was mid air i see him driving off into the street i just came out of, that's until i hit the ground and get knocked out.

    Needless to say, gravel rash a busted knee and ankle kept me from going for my P's... My bike which was not insured because the insurance cost as much as the bike per year was ridden off. And im left with pain in my ankle and knee on some cold mornings too this day...

    So i think its time i get back on two wheels guys :). Been to long and i miss it.. Hopefully ill be seeing you Sydney blokes around. Ill hopefully have the funds by December :).

    PS: I cant seem to find any Worthwhile ZX2R 250's in the 3-4 grand mark anymore :(.

  2. eh just buy my zzr in a fortnight when i'm bound to lose my license at court and be content your back on something your familiar with Lol

    welcome regardless...sorry to hear about your off and glad your keen to get on with it
  3. Details and link to your zzr NOW!. LOL just Inbox me details if you like :). Maybe we can work something out.
  4. I've been knocked out many times, mostly playing football...
    And I've never, EVER been able to remember the lead-up to the knock - I've always lost a few minutes beforehand...

    Cool story though...
  5. I understand that, used to kick box. But for some reason i remember his white piece of shit car turning left...
  6. That explains a lot of things Nitekreeper ;)

    Welcome Onlyoneman, a hard beginning to motorcycling but good to see you back. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of the guy in the white station wagon. Not even stopping to see if you were ok, a cowards act :(

    Where about are you?

  7. I'm in Wakeley Sydney.

    To be honest, sometimes ive thought to myself the same thing. I wish i could confront the guy JUST once. Maybe break his knee or ankle... Than he'll know the pain of therapy lol...

    Anyway that's in the past :). Now ive got a GF who's just as keen as me to ride with me :). SO i cant wait.

    Anyone ride with their partners? Is it as fun as it seems?

    PS: She wants a Hyosung the shifty little thing.
  8. Lots or riders on here ride with their partners. Some ride alternately while the other stays home to look after the kids. :) Seems to help having a common interest.
  9. lol...please research hyosung on these forums before you let her buy one....
    congrats on you having a partner that's keen to ride...it's great to have a relationship where you can both enjoy the same hobby
  10. She wants to come along shooting one of these days too lol. Can you believe that? I might marry this one lol.

    Ya had a look, but it seems most of the problems have been sorted out in the newer models, apart from hopeless breaks?
  11. Mrs K hates bikes, which is just fine by me - like I've said before:
    "I didn't get back into riding so I could spend MORE time with the missus..."

    I've recently started taking my 18yo son on the back though, and it's a hoot to have someone to laugh with about your bad cornering technique, over a beer...
  12. It was a great day when my wife got her full license. We could spend the whole day together as a family and not have to talk to each other.
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  13. (different attitude here: getting an intercom has similar priority to getting her a bike)
  14. I don't get this lol. I might be a little slow.
  15. I think getting an intercom kind of defeats the purpose of being on the bike in the first place. Fortunately my wife agrees.
  16. Bastard beginning, and yes...time to rejoin the flock. :)

    There is nothing better than riding with your partner. (as long as she is reasonably competent.) there is so much you can enjoy together. Get a blue ant communication system between the two of you, so you can talk to each as your riding along.

    Good luck with everything. :)
  17. riding and shooting if you don't marry her i will

  18. lol Ill work on that dw :p

  19. Why would you want to talk to someone while you're riding, that's what the coffee/fuel breaks are for.
  20. Great on blind corners, the one ahead can clear the trailing bike. Great for warning of idiots...ie hey love, you've an idiot sitting right up your arsk...move into the rh lane while I filter up on him and leave a fist sized dent in the top of his car.

    It's a magical mentoring tool, between partners...if you don't wanna talk, just politely say, I want to stop yakking for a while, but yell out if you have probs.

    And on it goes

    Yes I know it was a rhetorical question Mick...I just wanted answer anyway :)