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Hit and run whilst in the cage

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by thecptn v1.1, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Where do I start..

    Firstly I am very lucky I was not on the bike today, because the series of events that followed where not to be expected, I was at a set of lights in my cage, my 8 year old nephew in the back seat, just minding my business waiting for the light to shift to green when suddenly without warning I feel an all mighty bang from the rear, I look in my rear mirror and see this car that obviously failed to stop in time..

    The first thing that came to mind was get details, however, there was a bit of traffic around, and considering I had my nephew in the back I didn't want to cause traffic or further accidents so I waved out the window to pull over in a side street, I thought this guy would...

    He didn't, he took straight off! so off I went after him, utterly bewildered, and admittedly very worried now, I pulled alongside him whilst he was driving honking my horn and waving my arm to pull over! he just looked straight ahead and kept going as if I wasn't there!

    A sense of dread and worry came over me, this guy is legging it! what am I gonna do?? my nephew is in the back, I don't wanna get him hurt, so the next set of lights I gave him hells fury! I got out of my car, and yelled as if Satan him self had spawned into this world, I demanded he pull of to the side of the road so we can exchange details..he kept saying "no damage on your car"..lights went green and I chased him again..

    I over took him waving my arms like a mad gorilla to pull over! he kept his distance..I could see in his eyes he wanted to leg it! I was furious and angry, I didn't care if all of Sydney came to standstill, this turd must pull over, but at the same time..my nephew, who after witnessing me explode was now utterly terrified, now I have a terrified little boy in my car, who im trying to now comfort and tell him its gonna be okay...

    Next set of lights I block him, thinking of safety I say and this time mind you, calmly to please pull over on the shoulder so we can exchange details, i tell him I have a scared kid on board now, I have insurance, and i just wanna do this peacefully, he says again "no damage" but I point out to the back of my car, yes there is some damage, he agrees to pull over..

    Great I think, excellent, lights go green drive slowly...then he veers of the right and takes off again!! I thought, screw this, im not gonna chase him and get us potentially hurt, luckily I wrote his license plate down, remembered make and model and colour and a good description of said turd..

    Went to the police station, cut the story short, this driver had a history of very poor driving according to the plod, the officer was very helpful, they tried calling the driver up, but since he did not pick up his phone, they are now going to charge him with neg driving and leaving the scene of an accident, all very major things..

    Im just rather feeling shit now, what if I was on my bike? what if he was going faster? I don't care about the bumper, what if my poor nephew was hurt...or worst?? I cant believe they let turds like this on the road, so now im just waiting for the police to get back to me to give a number regarding this incident..jesus, I hope they revoke his license permanently! I feel bad for my nephew who had to witness all that shit, he was genuinely terrified and I could see it in his eyes.. :(

    Now admittedly, after the adrenalin would should of killed several horses wore off, in retrospect I should of pulled his keys out of his ignition, or not move the car demanding to see the license..but at the time..oh well, the cars not to bad, just a few scrapes and some of his paint on the bumper ill keep you guys update, and for god sakes people, keep your eyes glued to the rear mirror whilst at the lights, don't disengage the gear box! have an emergency back up escape route incase crap like this (touch wood it never happens) happens.

    Ride safe!

  2. Sorry to hear, that's a horrible thing to happen to you. Let's just hope the turd gets slapped as hard as possible by the book, people like this should not be allowed on the road as they are a danger to everyone.

    Good to hear you and your nephew are ok and you were only hit from behind. Best of luck with getting your cage back to normal ASAP.

    A quick point of advice though - it's never worth chasing these morons, if they don't stop the first time they won't stop at all. Who knows what kind of things they'll do, get his rego and take it straight to the plod.
  3. I think "taking his keys out of the ignition" is bad advise. You're taking the law into your own hands doing things like that.

    Once you had his rego number, make/model and colour of car you should have let it go, and gone straight to the police.

    If someone is "running" they're probably doing it for a reason. Attempting to "apprehend" them only puts you in harms way. If they were actually on the run from the police, they may not think twice about physically assaulting you.
  4. Trouble with morons like this is they don't give a crap about anyone.
    I agree that they shouldn't be allowed on the road but with that frame of mind, wouldn't matter what they hand out, nothing stopping him from getting into another car and he most likely will unless he's locked up.

    Some aspects of life will always remain unfortunate for those of us in the wrong place at the wrong time...
  5. So true, there are some real "wonders" of society out there unfortunately, after cooling down, im glad I didn't pull the keys out or any thing, I was just very bewildered that anyone would do a runner like that, anyhow that cop still hasn't called with the report number, don't know If I should wait another day or two, it utterly terrifies me that I share the road with folk like this, and the sad thing is, this happens, getting rear shunted whilst on the bike is devastating, its been a big paranoia of mine whilst riding, just glad it happened in the car, not the bike.
  6. Oh man this is an awful story. For a bloke to run off on you like that is stupid and irresponsible.

    Let us know when further details come in.
  7. follow them up to get the report number you need it for insurance purposes.
  8. Almost identical scenario happened to me a couple of years back also driving in Sh!tney. But it was a truck that ran up the back of me. I also went to move out of the way as to not impede peak hour traffic flow, yep, he did a runner. If anything like this ever happens again to me I'm straight out of the car with camera phone in hand snapping away, don't care...
  9. Mario
    ..out of the car with camera phone in hand snapping away, don't care...

    +1 lots of times
  10. Glad to hear that you and you're nephew are okay. Please keep us updated as to what this *#%^ gets.
  11. If you were on your bike you more than likely would have filtered to the front of the pack and been ver safe... Oh....hang on a minute....That's illegal now, isn't it! Score one for the turkeys (groan)

    I NEVER, sit at the tail of cars at the lights, waiting to be run over. And if I'm the only one there, then I am very nervous and ready to bolt.

    Glad you were in your car...if he did'nt see THAT, he would never see your bike. He would have left you there to die!! - bastard!
  12. +1^^ . Keep very very very vigilant of anything coming behind you. If you are in the slightest bit doubtful they won't stop, gun it and get away. Not worth risking the potential injuries if they don't make it in time.
  13. Update: looks like it is all good, insurance is going to chase the guy down and throw every book at him, car is getting repaired as we speak, didn't even have to pay excess, there will be one less arsehat on the roads of Sydney now, good.
  14. Brilliant news. Can't really ask for a better outcome.
  15. Hi Thec... Sorry to hear about your experience.. the reason I keep my camera in the car.. Is it illegal to take a pic of the driver?? Best of luck!
  16. This happened to me except the guy rammed me on purpose and then tried to hit me with his car he then abused me and drove off =S The excuse he gave the police was that "He had stalled his car" and his reason for not stopping was "He didn't think he'd damaged my car".

    Took 2 months to get this shit through the Police, the officer was not helpful at all and even went on holidays during it and neglected to tell me.

    In the end he got charged with Neg driving and had to fix the damage. I was furious, I wanted him charged with assault and leaving the scene of the accident.

    I hope yours turns out better then mine!
  17. It really is a sad state the police and Australia courts are in. I personally have zero confidence in the police or the system when it comes to dealing with criminals. In the last few years we have seen some shocking examples of just how pathetic the system is and those who administer it are.

    The quality of the police is declining as fewer join and longer serving police leave, the bar has been lowered to allow more to fill the ranks, they receive inadequate pay, work longer hours and when they do bring in the crooks the court systems spits them out onto the streets again with no real consequence.

    Example 1 Constable Matthew Butcher

    Example 2 David Gabriel Watson

    Example 3 Aboriginal courts

    Example 4 Jasmin Henley

    As stated before, personally I have zero confidence in the police or the system. Now I can disable a police man for life, beat or kill my wife and do a bit of drink driving while not suffer the full extent of the law. ](*,)
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  19. Lucky, my sister was stopped at a set of lights and a truck hit the side of her car and ripped up all the front side of the car, the car was drivable and she got into the next lane and followed the driver, and got alongside him and mouthed some words which I doubt the driver could hear, the driver just looked down at the damage and proceeded ahead, my sister ended up just getting the details of the truck, it was a DB Schenker and number plate which I can't remember now, anyway she called the police made a formal report and received an event ID and was told to wait for a call, two weeks pass, no call.

    She called the station up and asked for the officer on the event ID card that she received, and turns out this cop just went on holidays, she ended up lodging a claim with insurance company (she had full compo) and had to pay the excess, and wait for police to do up a report about the incident, all well and good the once she gets the report she gets the money back, right? Wrong, the 'case' got offloaded to another area command who did jack shit, she called every week for 3 months and not one thing got done about it, she had a description of the driver, number plate, type of truck etc and still the cops couldn't call the company and ask who was driving the truck with XXXXX plates on at TIME/DATE.

    Meanwhile nothing happened to the driver of the truck and he still is on the roads with his licence.
  20. One feels completely powerless, you can’t take any action yourself and the police don’t do anything. Either way you're screwed.
    Might have been better to say she stopped following the truck after he pointed something that looked like a gun at her.