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Hit and run on the M5, mate down, need witnesess

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thecptn, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. If any one witnesed or knows any one who saw a driver take down a silver and blue hayabusa on the m5 today, please come forward, friends in hospital and driver took off! help us catch this scum fcuk!

  2. thats shithouse :evil:

    the M5 has cameras everywhere so if your mate knows the car colour type etc,etc. they will hopefully be able to spot it.

    best of luck to your mate
  3. Can't help but all the best for your buddy...
  4. +1 for observation cameras.

    Good luck , shitty news
  5. Hope you get the fcuker!!
    Hope your friend isn't hurt too badly.
  6. really sorry to hear that, fcuken asshole. I'll ask the boys at work tomorrow, they often use the m1 to commute between jobs.
  7. Hope they got him on the camera!

    I think he might mean the m5 in Sydney.
  8. post this on the OCAU-MC forums, somewhere there might know
  9. about what time was it? which section of the m5? maybe the driver is a regular patron of the road... any details at all on the car?

    hope your mate is ok though! there is a reason why i stick to well above the speed limit on the m5...
  10. what an arse!!! there are so many, the world is full of em [yes im negative cause my cat just got squashed!]

    put a big sing up on the M5 so motorists who are regular can come fwd if they saw something. make an appeal in the local paper

    let us know if ctv got anything please. it would be great if you get him!

    all the best 4 your friend
  11. Update:

    After going to the hospital, I found out it was not a hit and run, very thankfull of that! so you guys and can put down your pitchforks and cricket bats, what happened was, my friend was traveling down the emergency lane, and a car full of hoons decided to get into the emergency lane at the same time, the bike is gone, my friend has two broken legs and ankles, poor guy :cry: it seems that both rider and driver at fault here sadly, just a good reminder, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, DONT RIDE IN THE EMERGENCY LANE! thanks for all the well wishes.
  12. damn!

    so who is getting charged and for what for?
  13. All the best to your mate for a full and speedy recovery
  14. It's always bad news to hear another rider went down. Luckily that it wasnt a hit and run.... I was affraid that someone might do a hit and run to me.....
  15. Without coming across as an arsehole, is your mate a hoon as well? He was doing the same thing as a 'car full of hoons'.

    Best wishes to your mate.
  16. it is very tempting to dive into that 2 lane wide emergency lane on the M5.
  17. Ive travelled the M5 many times and have seen so many cars drive up the emergency in peak hour its crazy!

    I wish your mate all the best and hope he recovers fast.
  18. Not the rider.. "I was on my way to the hospital officer.. I swear.. "